The last thirty years or so have seen a rapid increase in the number of expats leaving the UK and heading for a new life in the sun. Gone were days when it was only for the likes of Eileen and Bert from Wigan, who had both the cash and foresight, to realise their dream of opening a bar in one of Spain’s Costas. The UK’s entry into the European Union, together with the right to live and work anywhere in Europe, suddenly made it possible for dreams to come true, as well as allowing the adventurous spirit of many would-be expats to be realised. This freedom, together with the release of equity from those who were fortunate enough to own their own homes, suddenly made it possible to purchase second homes and holiday homes in a country of choice and not just by accident of birth. Early retirement for many of the fortunate, together with generous pensions and cash handouts, suddenly made everything possible.   read the full article

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