Channel Ten staff fear major job losses; Do you live in Victoria's fittest postcode?; $300m for Mordialloc bypass

2 years ago

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AM News Update

Tuesday, 2nd May, 2017

Health Tracker: Do you live in Victoria's fittest postcode?

There are only three postcodes in all of Victoria where there are more people who exercise than those who don't.

The gem on Melbourne's outskirts that's getting new life

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Channel Ten staff fear 'major' job losses, cuts to news

New police photos show jailed Australian woman with '18 bags of cocaine'

Daniel Andrews gives $300m Mordialloc bypass the green light

Western Ring Road crash creates delays for morning commuters

Shivers... It's beginning to look a lot like winter in Melbourne

Democrats say they now know exactly why Clinton lost

Fears housing slowdown belies something sinister

'Like a nasty burnt coffee': Complaints over roaster's emissions

Princess Charlotte turns two... and apparently is not amused

Seven Year Switch's 'bombshell' may come too late for viewers

When is best time to add milk to your tea?

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