Check out the interview of Ubbo Maagdenberg (CIO Emark) and more highlights at Dreamforce '15

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Emark.News l Special about Dreamforce '15Watch online  Dreamforce '15 just ended and the digital revolution moves on. As Platinum partner of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Emark was also there to get the ins & outs of Salesforce developments and trends. Here's a wrap-up of the highlights. Let's get started and enjoy!  Emark@Dreamforce '15Ubbo Maagdenberg, CIO of Emark, was asked by Salesforce to share his vision on the partnerstage at Dreamforce. Interested? Watch the video.Watch the video  Salesforce introduces Internet of Things CloudSalesforce wants to help customers make sense of all of the data coming from the growing number of connected devices (Internet of Things). At Dreamforce they announced its brand new Salesforce IoT Cloud. Curious? Check out the video.Watch the video about Salesforce IoT  Dreamforce '15
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