Christmas cat disaster, Awesome apps you have to have, and more!

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Cat + Christmas tree = disaster, Awesome apps you...Problems viewing this email?
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Connect with your kids or grandkids with SpeakEmoji

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is an emoji worth? Emojis have woven their way into everyday use, but sometimes it’s not clear what they mean. In this Flash Tip, we give you an app that can help you translate your words into pictures.

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Space X just launched a rocket into space and landed it

Space X has attempted to land a reusable rocket three times now, and the third time was the charm. The company landed the first stage of this Falcon 9 rocket after a successful mission to space. This is a really big deal for the future of space travel!

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Online ways to save yourself offline

The Internet is a powerful tool, and far too often that power is misused by people. In this Flash Tip, we have three computer tricks you can use to protect your offline life.

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Why you shouldn't let your cat climb a Christmas tree

Whoever was videotaping this thought she was just capturing a bit of festive feline fun. But it quickly turned into a Christmas cat-astrophe! No animals were hurt and it looks like the tree is OK, too.

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3 awesome apps for your phone or tablet

There are millions of apps available for your smartphone and tablet, and hundreds more are released in the Apple and Google stores every day. It should be no surprise that a lot of them aren't any good. In this Flash Tip, we have three we think you'll enjoy as much as we do!

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Darth Vader helps tell this big fan he's going to be a father

If there's anyone who can relate to the roller coaster of emotion that is fatherhood, it's Darth Vader. Which is why it's so fitting that he helped this mom-to-be break the news to the new dad who also happens to be a HUGE Star Wars fan.

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How to share and forward voicemails

Saving or sharing a voicemail used to be an impossible task, but not anymore. Watch this Flash Tip to see an easy way to share them through a text message, email or even on Facebook.

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The bride is SHOCKED at this funny and cute wedding interruption

Has there ever been a wedding that goes 100% smoothly? There's always a little hiccup or a major snafu, but it usually ends up being the best part! That's exactly what happened when this little guy completely derailed the wedding with a funny interruption.

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