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   July 14, 2016

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2016 Mobile-First Ecommerce Manifesto

With mobile ad clicks now surpassing desktop, mobile advertising is no longer a mere add-on strategy. Based on an analysis of over $300 million in ecommerce ad spend, this report uncovers the latest mobile data and opportunities with Google Shopping, Amazon Sponsored Products, and Facebook Ads.

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5 Content Marketing Ideas for August 2016

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games, the back-to-school season, a couple of insects, and history can fuel your August 2016 content marketing creativity. Content marketing is a powerful strategy wherein businesses create, publish, and distribute content with the express purpose of...



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10 Google Analytics Custom Alerts, for Ecommerce

Google Analytics provides a way to receive email and SMS alerts when something important occurs on your website, such as a traffic spike or a sudden traffic drop. The alerts are easy to set up. Traffic is just one of the many metrics you could monitor...



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14 Ways to Reach New Millennial Customers

Marketers have millennials pegged as a moving target: difficult to reach and impossible to build lasting relationships with. In this guide, learn how to inspire 14 millennial personas with lifestyle content — and how to use those engagements to make smarter decisions across your entire business.



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Use Collaborations to Expand Reach, Revenue

Entrepreneurs tend to focus on their own companies and how to build them from within. While this focus is a major factor in growing a business, don’t overlook the benefits of collaborations with other firms. With collaborations, you can get in front of new prospects...



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