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First Thing with John Stupart

TGIF, 11th December

"If you want to steal, steal a little in a
nice way. But if you steal too much to become rich overnight, you'll be caught."
– Mobutu Sésé

Goodnight zZZuma. He, he, heh!

Daily Maverick Chronicle
Casualties of

This week, the Daily Maverick introduced a new digital initiative called the Daily Maverick Chronicle. Our first story, Casualties of Cola, immediately went viral, and we can’t help thinking that its success is largely
due to a counter-intuitive principle: readers are always shocked to learn that many of the worst things that happen in this country are entirely legal.
Casualties of Cola details the story of beverage behemoth SABMiller and its subsidiary, Amalgamated Beverage Industries (ABI), one of the leading bottlers of Coca-Cola
products in Africa, and how they’ve used a black employment empowerment scheme called “owner-driver” to turn employees into contractors, and to choke those contractors into penury. They’ve been able to do this because the law allowed them to do so,
and because the concept of outsourcing has become corporate orthodoxy, even if its effects are patently catastrophic.
Casualties of Cola is the story of one particular catastrophe. But there are many. They happen all the time, all over the world. Because this is the new nature of work.
Read the entire feature here.

While you were

Delegates at COP21 are moving towards a final deal. With the mammoth conference wrapping up today, delegates have reduced the
agreement draft to 27 pages. A general commitment to preventing a temperature rise globally of two percent seems to be the consensus. Various 'climate justice' issues have yet to be resolved, however, with developing nations unhappy about being
forced to obey strict regulations that their developed counterparts never paid attention to. BBC
Since the removal of Nhlanhla Nene as finance minister, South Africa's illustrious president appeared detached and unflustered at the havoc he has wrought on the country. Without any explanation for Zuma's single-handed dismantling
of the country's economy, the next port of call would have been the ANC. Except, when asked for an explanation, secretary general Gwede Mantashe retorted, "It is none of your business". Nobody in power, it seems, is going to point out the Emperor's
nakedness. DM
Syrian rebels have agreed on a set of guidelines and principles for talks with the regime. Although not quite a ceasefire or tangible negotiating timetable, this is the first positive step in such a direction for several years. The
guidelines do stress that anticipated 1 January talks cannot include President Bashar al-Assad or his aides during any transitional period. BBC
New Zealand is inching towards a new flag. A postal-based vote ends today at 19h00 local time (08h00 here). With five relatively
unimaginative choices to pick from, the option to simply retain the current flag is also on the cards. Either way, the much-praised laser-eyes emu will not be gracing the international flag stage anytime soon. BBC
The UFC has ruled that Ronda 'Rowdy' Rousey will get first dibs at winning back her title. After a stunning defeat by Holly Holm, Rousey is expected to return for a rematch in July 2016. The long delay in a rematch was a result of
the former champion sustaining head injuries during the title bout, incurring a mandatory 180-day suspension of fights. NYT
Financial Indicators:
Oil=$39.84 Gold=$1,073.89 Platinum=$852.90
R/$=15.24 R/€=16.67 R/£=23.29 $/€=1.09
JSE All Share=48,984.53 DJIA=17,626.99 FTSE 100=6,096.23: Source

Madam & Eve: Shed Happens 

In Numbers

How much a single British pound cost last night. It has since decreased a little (but not much).
Coming Up
Today in 2008 Bernie Madoff is arrested and put on trial. This was in relation to his involvement in
a $50 billion Ponzi scheme. Madoff was subsequently sentenced to 150 years in prison.
COP21 sees its final day today. Hopefully with a meaningful resolution.
The US, Russia and the UN are all in Geneva to discuss Syria. 'How to bomb better' could well be a point on the
Movie fanatics in Joburg are trying to smash the Guinness World Record for the most continuous hours spent watching movies. The
Telkom Unlimited Movie Marathon will carry on, so help all the viewers, until 13th December.
Fact of the day: Cookies originated from bakers making
mini-cakes. They were baked to test the temperature of their ovens before making larger confectionery.
Bloemfontein: min: 18° max: 36°, cloudy
Cape Town: min: 16° max: 26°, cloudy
Durban: min: 22° max: 36°, drizzle
East London: min: 22° max: 29°, rainy
Johannesburg: min: 18° max: 33°, evening rain
Kimberley: min: 21° max: 36°, cloudy
Nelspruit: min: 21° max: 31°, rainy
Pietermaritzburg: min: 20° max: 39°, cloudy
Polokwane: min: 18° max: 32°, drizzle
Port Elizabeth: min: 18° max: 26°, drizzle
Pretoria: min: 21° max: 34°, cloudy

Zapiro: Rhodes Rage. Click here for more info.

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The madness of King Zuma
“Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.” Since the axing of Nhlanhla Nene as Finance Minister Wednesday night, President Jacob
Zuma had two public engagements where he could have given his troubled nation the assurance that there was some rationality behind his decision. At both the events he appeared detached from the spiralling crisis he had singlehandedly engineered. It
is plain to see that South Africa is not in safe hands. And yet Zuma has more power and security than ever. Perhaps it is us who are mad, as it us who are being destroyed. By RANJENI MUNUSAMY.
Casualties of Cola: THE MOVEMENT
Thabo Tsolo's house is a fading middle class property in a fading middle class neighbourhood in an old part of Johannesburg, with views of the
same mine-dumps around which South African Breweries was born. On a Sunday in late November, Tsolo’s outdoor carport was transformed into a command centre. The Tsolo residence served as the unofficial headquarters of a movement called Golekane!
(Tagline: Enuff is Enuff!) Inaugurated by Seipati Tsolo, Thabo’s wife, in 2012, Golekane! included at least 140 former ODs, the widows of eight deceased drivers, seven current contractors, and sundry lawyers and politicians. It’s one of innumerable
hashtag-free, self-generated special interest groups that assemble in communities across South Africa every weekend. Democracy at work; revolution by a thousand cuts; epic whinge-fest: call it what you like, but Golekane! was formed to wrestle back
a measure of the agency that was lost—Seipati would say stolen—when Thabo Tsolo signed that contract back in 2009.
Axing of Nene: A move that changed everything
One of the great arts of politics is the art of not making enemies. As you get more powerful, that becomes harder and harder. The more power you
have, the more your colleagues are affected by decisions you make, and thus the more they become rivals. Every re-shuffle of your Cabinet creates a loser, who in turn could become an enemy. It is one of the great dynamics of democracy, it ensures no
one stays on top for too long. But President Jacob Zuma appears to have forgotten this. (Or he does not care.) His sudden decision to remove Nhlanhla Nene from the position of Finance Minister has created him a whole new list of very powerful
enemies. People in the middle class primarily, but also in the ANC, too. By STEPHEN GROOTES.
#ZumaMustFall: South Africans react to the new finance

While new Finance Minister David van Rooyen was sworn in on Thursday, the President's decision to replace Nhlanhla Nene was met with shock and
disappointment. Some responses give President Jacob Zuma the benefit of the doubt, others see it as a symptom of a bigger problem that needs to be resisted. By GREG NICOLSON.
Axing of Nene: SA's Twittersphere voices country's fear and

In the twittersphere, the verdict is clear. South Africans are incensed by President Jacob Zuma’s dismissal of Nhlanhla Nene. The public are
taking the topic to heart. The ANC would be well advised to start damage control measures, immediately, in order to mitigate long-term harm. The question though is whether they even care about any harm that it might cause to themselves or the
country at this point. By KYLE FINDLAY.
Cartoon: How The Grinch stole Christmas!
No explanation necessary. By JERM.
Ole Blue Eyes: Frank Sinatra at 100
Sunday, 12 December is the hundredth anniversary of Frank Sinatra’s birth in Hoboken, New Jersey. Chairman of the Board and ole Blue Eyes – the
names he was often called - has left an indelible mark on American culture as J. BROOKS SPECTOR takes the measure of the man and his work.
ICG: For Aung San Suu Kyi, the real work begins now
The landslide victory for Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy was the easy part. The party’s limited experience of government, a
shallow pool of skilled technocrats and the difficulty of reforming key institutions all constrain how much can be achieved quickly. This is particularly important given the range of problems the country faces, any of which have the potential to
Putting AB de Villiers back behind the stumps is risky

It is not that AB de Villiers cannot keep wicket for South Africa, it is just that putting so much extra pressure on the team’s most reliable and
prolific scorer seems a bit unnecessary when there is young talent waiting in the wings. By ANTOINETTE MULLER.
Andrew Ihsaan Gasnolar: The appointment of 'The Nobody' shows how far we have

Pragmatism and the opportunity for the ANC and leaders in South Africa to take hold of this situation and deal with Zuma decisively has been
vastly diminished. We can no longer wait for someone to neutralise the most polarising and destructive leader, but rather we need to get off our laurels and do something profound.
Dirk de Vos: Nuclear Build: Do we really know what we are entering

In countries where nuclear power policy serves an overall energy policy that serves the public, and not the other way around, no nuclear power
plants are being built. Those part of the world that procure electricity using democratic, transparent and market-based methods do not build new reactors. It is not surprising. Nuclear energy is ruinously expensive, it is always over budget (by a
lot) and suffers interminable delays.
Mmusi Maimane: Nene’s axing: We can still avoid going over the

We’ve all seen the action movie where the bus slams through the bridge railing and is left teetering precariously over a deep ravine. The smallest
movement could send it crashing to the rocks below. The last thing you want in this situation is an unnecessary move. Everyone stays right where they are, and you think very carefully about how you can ease the vehicle back from the
Ismail Lagardien: We are stuck with Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma really, actually, represents the most basic instincts of the ANC. The movement remains committed to a strict form of respect – what
loyal members would refer to as “discipline” – patriarchy, and a crypto-traditionalism that does not question the dominant male in the community. By ISMAIL LAGARDIEN
In case you
missed it
The Unthinkable: Nene Has Fallen
It is the final insult. President Jacob Zuma has put South Africa’s economy, stability and future at risk by firing
respected Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene for reasons he has not bothered to explain. Of course South Africa knows what the reasons are, and they have nothing to do with maintaining the integrity of the Treasury. The announcement of Nene’s shock
removal from Cabinet sent the Rand tumbling on Wednesday. In the context of an international ratings downgrade, poor economic performance and an already battered currency, the move spells disaster for the country. By RANJENI
Editorial: An Act of Wilful Sabotage
It’s a strange time to live in this country; it’s strange to be a party to its staccato, barely intelligible rhythms.
The Jacob Zuma presidency, which became an inevitability after the bloodletting in Polokwane in 2007, has now descended to its nadir—the point where self-generated crisis after self-generated crisis has met a commodities meltdown, resulting in
something even the most vituperative of Zuma’s detractors couldn’t have predicted: a suicidal kleptocracy so brazen that the president doesn’t bother trying to cover up his true intentions any longer. By DAILY MAVERICK.
Casualties of Cola: THE ADVISOR
Mike Melnick’s offices inhabit a botched Tuscan structure on the outskirts of Alberton, Johannesburg. Melnick is a large
man, and on a Friday in October he was installed behind an oceanic desk, dressed in a Jeep-branded button-up and slacks. M. Melnick Financial Services is an accountancy firm that focuses on owner-drivers, a number of whom are contracted to ABI. In
industry terms, Melnick is a “business advisor”—the intermediary between corporates and their independent drivers, a middleman who opens bank accounts, pays bills, and is generally meant to function as the brains behind the ODs’ brawn. By DAILY
Psyche of the Nation: The causes of repeat violent offending in South Africa (and what
to do about it)

After five years of intensive research, a process involving thousands of violent criminals in the country’s least
forgiving prisons, the Institute of Security Studies and the Department of Correctional Services have finally released their findings: the key to violent crime lies encoded in the mind and body of the past. KEVIN BLOOM reports.
The festive season's dark side
As you prepare to take a load off, perhaps near a beach somewhere, spare a thought for the country’s healthcare staff,
who are girding their loins for the festive season fight: a series of public holidays, in which substance-fuelled mayhem is likely to hit trauma units across South Africa. Not everyone will be saved. By MARELISE VAN DER MERWE.
Seeing & Believing: EyeGym, where Vision meets

By improving how the eye sees and understands the world around us, the cognitive process of seeing and doing, and then
effectively and accurately responding to what is being seen, elite athletes are able to separate themselves from the competition. By DANIEL GALLAN for CONQA SPORT.
Op-Ed: Faith Muthambi returns SABC to apartheid days
With a few deft strokes of her pen, Communications Minister Faith Muthambi had amended several key clauses of the 1999
Broadcasting Act linked to the appointment of SABC Boards. And the effect? Devastating. She, and her Cabinet colleagues who approved the Bill, sent the SABC straight back to its pre-1994 state broadcaster days. By TAWANA KUPE and KATE
Judith February: South Africa is in a spine-chilling

The dismissal of Nhlanhla Nene as finance minister is a chilling reminder of the crisis South Africa is in. Those within
Cabinet might wish to ask what their role is in acceding to this crisis. Those within the ANC who still have a semblance of decency should surely now be questioning their part in this crisis? And we, as citizens, should finally be asking, why it is
that President Jacob Zuma remains in office when he has set about to undermine our democratic institutions with such devastating precision?
Antoinette Muller: Nedbank Golf Challenge advert's ghastly

I admit, I’m a mardy arse with somewhat restrained sense of humour. Thus, I watched the advert several times to ensure I
did not need to “lighten up”. I floated it around friends to make sure I wasn’t missing the “hook” and the consensus was pretty clear: This is vile.
Stephen Grootes: The day we realised we're in serious

There are moments in politics when agendas are revealed so suddenly, and in so blatant a fashion, that they almost
change the entire paradigm. The firing, because that is what it is, of Nhlanhla Nene from the position of Finance Minister is one such moment. In just one move, it appears that President Jacob Zuma has revealed that he does not govern the country
for the good of its people, but for his own narrow interest, and those around him. The statement which announced Nene's sacking was so lacking in detail, so insulting, that it is impossible to put any kind of spin on it. Nene was fired for the
simple reason that he went against the wishes of Zuma. And as the rand weakens again to the world, we are all going to pay the price for it.
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