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Pet Tips (March 13, 2019)
We have a little bit of everything for your pet care today. Share your tips, training ideas, photos, and recipes for possible publication in upcoming newsletters.
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Today's Featured Post

Cover Seat with Plastic Table Cloth for Pet

By littergitter

Use an old plastic table cloth to cover seat in vehicle when you have pets riding with you.

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Make Your Own Dog Chews

By Lisa

Make your own dog chews. Pig ears are often available at Asian, Mexican, or local butcher markets. Clean them under running tap water, scrubbing well. A little soap wouldn't hurt, but rinse well.

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Apple Cider Vinegar For Chicken WaterApple cider vinegar is loaded with vitamins and minerals. So it's perfect for adding to your chicken's water in moderation. Plus, because of the acidity in it, it helps in preventing algae from growing in your water.Hatching Finch EggsThey should hatch at around 14 days. But only when you start counting the time after the last egg is laid and when mom finch starts sitting on them. The countdown of when they will hatch does not commence at laying but at the beginning of incubation.Cat Paw MassageWhen you get a kitten or a cat, and they are all mellow near you, reach out and start massaging their feet while talking to them calmly. Get them used to having their paws played with.

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Today's QuestionsMy 1 Year Old Lab Just Died SuddenlyMy fiancé and I just walked outside on his lunch break and saw that our 1year old lab was dead. We were in shock to say the least. I looked over his body to see if there were any signs of something hurting him and there were none. It has been raining a lot for the past 2 weeks and him being a Lab he loves water, so he would sit in the puddle of muddy water instead of going in his dog house.House Training an Abused DogI just adopted a 3 year old Boxer Cur mix and was told she has been abused. She is not housebroken and she's scared to death of the leash.Finches Not NestingMy zebra finches are adults, but why they are not building a nest if I have kept nesting material available.Potty Training a YorkieI have a 5 month old male Yorkie. He pees and poops everywhere inside the house. I can't take him outside yet. How can I teach him to poop in a crate inside the house?My Shih Tzu Won't EatI have a 7 month old Shih Tzu. He has not wanted to eat for a couple of days. He just drinks a little. I already took him to the vet. His weight is falling down from 7 kilos to 4 kilos and his not that active now.Recovery Time for a Puppy with ParvoMy 3.5 month old puppy has been diagnosed with parvo. He's been at the vet for almost a week now. A few days after taking him home, I was notified that his litter mates had parvo-like symptoms so I had him tested, which came back positive. He's been back at the rescue receiving treatment ever since that night with no symptoms.Caring for a Dog Recovering from ParvoMy dog was diagnosed with parvo about 3 weeks ago. He stayed in the hospital for several days. We brought him home and he started eating, drinking, and being back to himself. However, here in the past 2 days he's been breathing hard. He will still eat and drink, but his breathing is still hard and fast. Any idea what this is?Using Garlic Powder to Worm a DogHow long does it take to get rid of worms in your dog if you use garlic powder?Finch Laid EggsMy female finch has just laid 4 eggs. Can I leave the babies in the same cage when they come out of nest? I have a large cage.ThriftyFun Contests!

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