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Plus: Charitable Raccoons, Tree of Goats, and European Atlantis!

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This week, we got busy over on r/upvoted:

New podcast featuring Shitty_watercolour We interviewed the redditor who developed and released (for free) software that lets people with ALS type with their eyes The Reddit admins embarrassed themselves with blindfolded cat doodles in the latest Ask an Admin Donnie, the guy who got famous on r/pics and we interviewed last week, just got a job!

We ran the numbers and learned about 1/3 of the US population used Reddit in August. Not only are there as many monthly visitors (worldwide) as there are people in Brazil, but those 202M people conversed with Rob Riggle, Derek Waters (of Drunk History), The Game (in r/Music), and Jeremy Lin (in r/NBA) this week, because… Reddit.

I love you.

Alexis Ohanian, Co-founder
  REVERSEGIF These Generous Raccoons Are Donating Doritos to Chip-less Humans
submitted by TheMightyWaffle

This demonstration of raccoon charity is brought to you by Reddit user TheMightyWaffle, who put a gif down, flipped it, and reversed it.

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  POWERRANGERS Go, Go, Childhood Nostalgia! submitted by Jgabes625

Remember those Power Ranger walkie-talkie belts, with the microphones that were a little too close to the crotch area? Well, that was user Jgabes625’s favorite childhood toy, so his buddy decided to tease him with a little help from the Green Ranger himself.

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  COMBINEDGIFS The Reaction Gif to End All Reaction Gifs
submitted by mynamestancred

After this gif comparing Donald Trump to Charles Manson made the rounds last week, we started spending a lot of time over at the Combined Gifs community. And that’s where we discovered this gif-tastic masterpiece—which includes cameos from SpongeBob, Dumbledore, Timon, Pumbaa, Bill Hader, and one very creepy index finger.

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  ASKREDDIT Firefighter Performs Life-Saving CPR… on a Hamster
I looked over at my chief, and he tells me, “Go for it, show the kid we tried everything to try and save his hamster, so he can have a sense of closure.”  CaptFluffyBunny

After other firefighters on the team rescued all the humans, user CaptFluffyBunny entered the burning house to save the pets. Read how the brave captain brought one hamster (which everyone believed was dead) back from “hamster heaven.”


This story made me so happy, you rock for saving the little fuzz ball :)

  AWWGIFS Wake up in the Morning Feelin’ Like a Corgi…
submitted by Nikibenz

User Nikibenz was kind enough to share this video of corgi comedian Loki’s morning routine.

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  LIFERESETBUTTON Ever Want to Hit the Reset Button on Life?
I like reading success stories and seeing how supportive complete strangers can be.  rsashe1980

If you’ve ever wished for a do-over, the new community at Life Reset Button is for you—whether you’re a 35-year-old with a DUI or a survivor of high school bullies.

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  AWWDUCATIONAL Baa-ing Up the Wrong Tree
submitted by Aelegans

User Aelegans shared this video with the Awwducational community to teach us just how good at climbing goats really are.

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  EUROPE Europe Was the Original Atlantis
If that land hadn’t gone underwater, the ice caps would still be intact, so taking that as a starting point…basically, the bulk of Europe would be an ice sheet.  wadcann

Ever wonder what Europe looked like in 16,000 BC? (Hint: There was a lot more of it.) This map inspired user wadcann to offer an in-depth explanation of what Europe would look like if it hadn’t gone underwater: mammoths would run wild, the Industrial Revolution would’ve been smaller, and Vikings might not have been white.

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  BRUSHYBRUSHY “Brush Me Like One of Your French Girls”
submitted by Tnargkiller

The Brushy Brushy community believes in the healing power of brushing adorable animals—whether it’s a monkey, turtle, elephant, really enthusiastic cat, or mini-cow.

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  BOOKS Author of ‘The Martian’ Answers Questions From Earthlings
A lot of people complain about the prolonged, graphic sex scene with the Martian Queen, but I really think it’s critical in setting up for the later chapters.  sephalon

Andy Weir, author of The Martian (now a motion picture!), stopped by the Books community for an AMA—where he shared how he felt seeing Matt Damon play Weir’s main character, his two biggest sources of inspiration, and how he did his research (it’s probably pretty similar to how we all do research…).

2224 read more 4969

Did you know there’s a town in Ontario called Redditt? If it’s anything like our Reddit, it’s full of many strange and wonderful communities, and millions of very cute cats…

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