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October 5, 2016  |  Vol. 14 Issue 40  |  350,000 Subscribers  

Joseph Grenny and Crucial Conversations are on!

Join Joseph Grenny for a thirty-minute preview series of the New York Times bestseller, and award-winning training course, Crucial Conversations. This video series (six, five-minute video sessions) is included in a paid membership to, but you can access this series free of charge. Simply set up a free Skillshare account and you’re ready to learn!

How to Talk Politics with Friends & Still Have Some Left
by Joseph Grenny & David Maxfield

Over the past election year, we've endured endless news coverage, overwhelming advocacy on social media, and countless conversations about which Presidential candidate is right, or not right, for America. And as October begins and we round the finish line approaching election day, it's getting harder and harder for this news coverage, social commentary, and conversation to remain civil. We're tired, we're worried, we're overwhelmed. It's in these crucial times that we need crucial skills--now more than ever.

Joseph Grenny and David Maxfield took this week's newsletter to the studio to address four simple skills for talking politics with our friends and family--in a way that will ensure we still have some left on November 9. So, take the next four minutes to brush up on your crucial skills in the first edition of Crucial Skills Live.


P.S. You might also enjoy an infographic about our latest research on the topic of talking politics.

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