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We're back!

It's been a rough couple of months full of hacker attacks here at CWAHM. Thank you all for your prayers and patience during these last couple of months. We're now on a new, secure private server and things are getting back to normal. If you notice any broken links, please let me know.

Warmly, Jill               

10 SEO Mistakes You Should Not Be Making

SEO or search engine optimization is the process in which you make your site more easily read by the search engine spiders. Thus giving it more visibility and higher search engine rankings.

The higher your rankings, the more searches your site will be included in and this in turn will get you more traffic.

There are a lot of factors involved when optimizing your site for the search engines. They range from keywords to image tags to social media.
Many of us make the following common SEO mistakes that can easily be rectified.

1. Not Enough Content – Content is very important for your site. The search engines want to display the best sites for people who are searching for specific information. If your site contains quality information and content, they will consider your site to be one of these sites. Make sure your content is relevant to your site, has proper spelling and grammar, includes not only text but videos, links, images and other content.

2. No ALT Tags – Alt tags, also referred to as alt text, describe images on your site. The search engines cannot read images so adding an alternative text tag gives the search engine a readable description of the image to help the search engine spiders place your site within the search results of that text. For example: If you have a picture of a sunset with vibrant colors you may give it the alt tag description orange red summer sunset. Don’t use words that do not describe the image in hopes of getting better SEO results. This can do more harm than good by lowering your rankings.

3. Keyword Stuffing – Back in the day when search engines relied mostly on keywords it was a popular practice to stuff them in as much as possible. Now, keyword stuffing can get you penalized or even banned. Focus on one or two keywords or keyword phrases and sprinkle them lightly throughout your text. Keep your keyword density in the 1% – 3% range. So that would mean for every 100 words, use your keyword 1-3 times. This will give you a high optimization value

4. Too Much Flash – Flash is a software used to build colorful, animated, flashy websites with a lot of graphics and light. They may look beautiful but unfortunately they are not user-friendly or SEO friendly. Flash has been widely phased out for the above reasons and more. Search engines find it difficult to read Flash. Flash can also cause your site’s performance to become substantially lower resulting in an increased bounce rate and lower rankings. Flash is not totally worthless but can cause you many difficulties. ... Read More



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What IS Branding and Why You Should Care

These days, it seems like the word branding is everywhere. I find it particularly interesting as a graphic designer who has studied and practiced branding for more than 20 years.

To me, it’s phenomenal how popular the word has become! But what does it even mean?

After all, when I first started talking about branding, long before this popular bandwagon that is sweeping the small business and Internet marketing world, I would get all sorts of snide remarks:

“What do you mean you’re a branding expert? Do you BRAND cattle? Do you OWN a ranch?”

But these days more and more people are catching on.

The truth is, EVERYONE needs a brand. I have thought this for many, many years. Often I have felt frustrated that nobody seemed to get it.

But now the tide seems to be turning. A brand is crucial to business success. Actually, it’s crucial to success in life PERIOD!

How can I make such a bold statement?

Because any person who desires a career HAS to have a brand. A brand is simply the essence of a business or a professional that is communicated in a marketing message. It is a relationship that is built on trust, credibility, and authority. It is what DISTINGUISHES one person from another, one business from one another.

For instance, here are some different kinds of professionals and businesses that need brands:

1) Job seekers. Yes, I said job seekers. Job applicants need to carefully analyze what makes them different from their competitors and create resumes, letters (especially email letters), and interview presentation skills around this brand.
This means having unified and professional presentations. I always knew this instinctively. My resumes were designed with excellence and so I stood apart from my competitors.

In fact, a few years ago I brushed off my design resume and sent it to an adverttsing paper. The employer called me very excited, anxious for me to go for an interview. He raved about my resume. It was the best one he had received. He was very sad when I had to turn down the interview, realizing that the job would not work since at that time my special needs son needed me to be at home full time taking care of him.

2) Authors and writers. Branding is so important. These days, publishers look at the number of followers you have on social media. That’s branding. Sending in query letters is a matter of branding. How do you stand out from your competition? Are your letters professional looking? Did you include a business card and does it look like a cohesive package with your query letter? Do they communicate the essence of who you are as a writer and author? Read More



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