"DadKnapIt!" I Broke Another One!

3 years ago

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Do, greetings from the "New Stone Age"!
Sometimes, it's just not your day.
Like a recent weekend, when I was making a spear point from a nodule of Edwards Plateau
It was going to be a "Clovis" style spear or lance point for one of the paid subscribers to
the PaleoPoints Discovery Club.
For the whole story of what happened to that planned "Clovis" point and what you and I can
learn from it for our own flint knapping activities, I have attached for you a 4 page
pdf file.  It has photographs of the project and the results.
To get all the details about the PaleoPoints Discovery Club, simply click on this
link to the information page on my web site: 
F. Scott Crawford
3661 Stockton Drive, Carrollton, TX 75010, USA
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