Daily Edition: Chinese Bookselling Trends and Bestsellers in October

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Following the Shanghai Book Fair, OpenBook gives us a look at top titles and bookselling trends in China.

November 28, 2017 | DAILY EDITION
In China: Bookselling Trends and OpenBook's Bestseller Lists for October
As publisher-owned bookstores appear to be on the rise in China, so do "shared bookstores" that operate like libraries with customers allowed to borrow books. READ THE ARTICLE »

Italy's Libraries Get a Boost from New Tax Credit and Successful Social Media Campaign
Following Italy's energetic reading campaign in October, the #IoLeggoPerché (Why I Read) project, AIE cheers new Senate support for library tax credits. READ THE ARTICLE »

Shanghai Children's Book Fair Reports Gains, Amid UK Concerns About Import Issues
The Shanghai International Children's Book Fair offers an upbeat report amid some concerns voiced by UK publishers about China's import market.

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