DAISY Planet for March 2015

4 years ago

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Dear Members, Friends and Supporters of DAISY,
TheMarch 2015 issue of the DAISY Planet is now available on the DAISY
website at:
The four feature articles in this issue are:
. Opportunities Bring Challenges: Digital and Print Meet in Paris
. Removing Barriers to Information: Training in Nepal
. The London Book Fair: Accessibility Toolbox and Excellence Awards
. CSUN 2015: Accessibility is Teamwork
We do not have a DAISY Story for this issue, but we plan to have this return
in the next issue in June 2015.
All of the DAISY stories are at:
Thanks to everyone who submitted articles, suggestions, ideas and news for
the DAISY Planet. You can get in touch with the DAISY Planet team by using
the "Contact Us" form on the DAISY website and select DAISY planet at:
Please forward this email to everyone you know who may be interested in
reading about DAISY, the DAISY Consortium and other topics of interest to
the DAISY community.
We strive to have all members of our mailing lists receive "The DAISY
We apologize if you receive this more than once.
George Kerscher, Secretary General
Email: Kerscher@montana.com
Phone: +1 406.549.4687
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