DAISY Planet Newsletter: December 2016

2 years ago

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Dear Members, Friends, and Supporters of DAISY:
The December 2016 issue of the DAISY Planet is published on the DAISY
website at http://www.daisy.org/planet-2016-12.
The 5 feature articles in this issue are:
1. Accessible Publishing Events in Tokyo: Learning from Each Other2. Report from Uganda: Creating Inclusive Libraries3. The best thing that ever happened to me: Accessible media in everyday practice4. BARD Express: Easy access to reading5. Tactile Reading: Stockholm, April 5-7, 2017
Your Story is about Leslie Patterson who found successful strategies to teach students with dyslexia:http://www.daisy.org/stories/leslie-patterson-finds-successful-strategies-teach-students-dyslexia.
Thanks to everyone who submitted articles, suggestions, ideas, and news for the DAISY Planet in 2016.We appreciate your continued support!
Have a happy and healthy 2017!
Varju Luceno
Director of CommunicationsDAISY Consortium


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