DAISY Planet Newsletter: June 2016

2 years ago

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Dear Members, Friends and Supporters of DAISY:
The June 2016 issue of the DAISY Planet is now available on the DAISY
website at: http://www.daisy.org/planet-2016-06. 
Hot off the press: Marrakesh Treaty Reached Twenty Ratifications:
The 8 feature articles in this issue are:
1. 20 years of advocacy, innovation and collaboration
2. IDPF and W3C Considering Combining Forces
3. DAISY Mission to Burkina Faso
4. DAISY Training in South Africa
5. Learning Ally Honored Remarkable Teachers
6. 10th European e-Accessibility Forum: e-Accessibility in a connected world
7. New Proposed ADA Laws in the USA Impacting Publishing
8. DAISY Production: Follow-up training in Hanoi
The story is from Maribel Steel. She is an Indie author, online content writer and inspirational speaker. Maribel lives in Australia and is legally blind. 
Maribel's story is on the DAISY website at:
Thanks to everyone who submitted articles, suggestions, ideas and news for
the DAISY Planet.
We apologize if you get this more than once. 
Kind regards,
Varju Luceno
Director of Communications
DAISY Consortium


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