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The Friday Edition - Sep 28, 2018
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Princess Weekes, Assistant Editor of The Mary Sue, will take a Black Widow dive into the history of female comic book/superhero movies starting with Jane Fonda's Barbarella before going into Wonder Woman and our hopes with Captain Marvel. The show will explore the common tropes in these films through a feminist, pop culture lens as well as why it took so long to get these movies done and done right. Plus representation issues (why is Storm still not done right guys?). As always, the show is guaranteed to bring a fresh perspective and a few side splitting laughs while promoting a healthy camaraderie among attendees.
TV, Lifetime, online stalking, YOU

Review: You Exposes the Creepiness Underneath Our Favorite Romantic Comedy Tropes

By Chelsea Steiner on Fri,11:33
The first three episodes of Lifetime's psychological thriller You (based on the book series by Caroline Kepnes) have aired, a quirky series that can best be described as "Dexter meets You've Got Mail."
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Big on the Internet, brett kavanaugh, politics, Republicans

Things We Saw Today: Surely Something Happened Today Besides This Senate Hearing

By Vivian Kane on Thu,6:10
We’re sure there have been other things happening today, but literally all we can think about is Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The hearing is now into its eighth hour and it is a lot. We find all of these women’s faces highly relatable: every woman in […]
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Big on the Internet, Christine Blasey Ford, Republicans, sexual misconduct

Republican Senators Chose Not to Question Blasey Ford Today, Still Managed to Be Truly Terrible

By Vivian Kane on Thu,5:27
Today has been a million years long.
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Movies, #MeToo Movement, Halloween, Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis on the Upcoming Halloween‘s #MeToo Moment

By Chelsea Steiner on Thu,5:17
Jamie Lee Curtis discusses the latest 'Halloween' movie and its relevance to the #MeToo Movement.
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Add a Variety of New Skills to Your Resume With These Back-to-School Courses Starting at $9

By Diana Vilbert on Thu,4:38
It's back to school season! Now that summer's over, it's time to learn a new skill and take your career to the next level. These five deals will get you started.
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AMP Featured, Big on the Internet, Carrie Fisher, rachel butera, Star Wars Resistance

Not My General Leia: Star Wars Resistance Actress Posts Video Mocking Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford’s Voice

By Kate Gardner on Thu,4:32
Just in case those of us who grew up adoring Leia Organa, Carrie Fisher, and what she stands for needed another reason to be furious today, the actress who will be voicing Leia on Star Wars Resistance proved she has no business carrying on that legacy.
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Movies, Captain America: The First Avenger, mcu, Steve Rogers

Why Captain America: The First Avenger Is My Favorite Marvel Film

By Rachel Leishman on Thu,4:32
Sure, there has been plenty of Steve Rogers content since his introduction in Captain America: The First Avenger, but that doesn't change the fact that that first Cap movie is still my favorite.
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AMP Featured, Movies, Dumbledore, fantastic beasts: the crimes of grindelwald, LGBTQ Representation

What Is Happening With Dumbledore’s Sexuality in The Crimes of Grindelwald?

By Kaila Hale-Stern on Thu,4:10
Fans were up in arms about Albus Dumbledore's sexuality not being an "explicit" part of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Now that we've seen the second trailer, this matter appears as murky as ever.
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AMP Featured, TV, reviews, The Good Place

The Good Place Season 3 Is Back Tonight, as Sweet, Funny, & Unpredictable as Ever

By Vivian Kane on Thu,2:19
The Good Place returns tonight for its third season, and if there was any doubt, it's just as perfect as ever. For two years now, this has been one of the best shows on television, hilarious and kind and full of surprises. This is a show that has repeatedly reinvented itself right in front of our eyes, and season three is no different.
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Movies, a star is born, Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga

“Shallow” From A Star Is Born Will Bring You Light Today

By Rachel Leishman on Thu,2:12
For months we've waited, anxiously sitting and wanting at least the soundtrack to keep us at bay until the movie came out, but unfortunately, the marketing for A Star Is Born is using supply and demand to get people interested in their film—meaning you don't get the soundtrack until the movie is already released in theaters.
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TV, House of Cards, Netflix, Robin Wright

Distract Yourself From This Political Hellscape With President Robin Wright in the New House of Cards Trailer

By Chelsea Steiner on Thu,2:09
Netflix has dropped a new trailer for the upcoming sixth and final season of House of Cards, giving us all the president we really deserve: Robin Wright in a fierce AF bob telling people that "the reign of the middle-aged white man is over".
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TV, Netflix, The Dragon Prince, women in animation

3 Strong and Vulnerable Heroines of The Dragon Prince

By Caroline Cao on Thu,1:07
Among The Dragon Prince's best assets are three multi-dimensional heroines who kick ass, have organic moments of weakness, and honestly, deserve a tribute, so here we are.
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AMP Featured, Big on the Internet, brett kavanaugh, Chuck Grassley, Dr. Christine Ford

Senator Chuck Grassley Is the Absolute Worst and the Internet Agrees

By Rachel Leishman on Thu,12:46
Chuck Grassley is definitely the worst. What we've learned so far, from the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's allegations against Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh, is that Grassley is biased towards Kavanaugh and is clearly not afraid to make that fact known.
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Big on the Internet, dress codes, high school, victim-blaming

We’re Furious About This Tennessee Assistant Principal Saying “Girls Ruin Everything”

By Kate Gardner on Thu,12:42
It is a truth universally acknowledged by the patriarchy that once school is back in session, there will be new rules about dress codes that are aimed at punishing young women because apparently young men (and their male teachers) cannot control themselves when they see shoulders or knees or anything.
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