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Dear Tyee Reader,
If you are celebrating tonight, we at The Tyee wish you a very Happy New Year.
Before we say goodbye to 2018, there's just one last thing to do: Sign up to support quality independent media. You can do it here, right now.
The Tyee is able to offer all of our articles for free, and we pay the whip-smart reporters and analysts who write for us. The reason we can do this is because a small but growing percentage of readers chip in to cover our costs. 
Will you become the newest member of Tyee Builders and help us hit our year-end target? Click here to join now.
We’re gearing up for 2019 and we have some exciting projects underway, including a redesign of our homepage and an expanded list of writers, photographers, and other creative folk who will help us explore and report on this corner of the world.
If we can hit our target of 300 new monthly supporters by tonight, we can plan well in ahead for longer-term stories in 2019, knowing we have the resources coming in to help pay for what's necessary. 
The clock is ticking down, we're just hours away from closing our year-end fundraiser. Are you in? Click here to join now.
In appreciation,
Jeanette, Robyn, and the whole Tyee team
P.S. We only have until tonight to reach our goal – will you help us get there? Click here to join now.

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