Dems are in, Sessions is out

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Democrats won control of the U.S. House, propelled by a surge in voter anger with Donald Trump. The outcome may dramatically alter Trump's next two years in office, as the new majority holds subpoena power. Trump, of course, has already warned that "two can play" the investigatory game. And he replaced Attorney General Jeff Sessions with a fierce critic of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's criminal probe of potential collusion by Trump's campaign with Russia. —Josh Petri

Here are today's top stories

Sessions was pushed out after taking months of abuse from Trump for ceding control of the probe into interference with the 2016 election. Here's our updated list of all the officials who have left the Trump administration.

From the Bloomberg Opinion archives: Trump wants just one thing from a new attorney general. Personal loyalty above allegiance to the law

There are a number of story lines to dissect from yesterday's election. A record number of women were elected to the House. Will it help restrain Trump? Here's your guide to post-midterm DC.

House Democrats won't be the only ones investigating Trump. New York's next attorney general has also promised to investigate his real estate dealings

The FAA plans to mandate that airlines follow a Boeing advisory on how pilots should handle false readings from a sensor after the crash of a 737.

Trump said voting for Democrats would send stocks plummeting. So far, they're rallying.

What's Joe Weisenthal thinking about? The Bloomberg news director is wondering when inflation will return, since most of the models that would've predicted faster inflation have failed. His theory? It depends on how ugly Brexit gets.

What you'll need to know tomorrow

Michigan voted to legalize recreational marijuana.Pot stocks spiked after Sessions, who isn't a fan, resigned.Israeli spyware may have helped Saudis track and kill Khashoggi.Goldman has 69 new partners, including a husband and wifeOnline shopping may not be the cheapest option anymore.The NRA had mixed results in the midterm elections.Snoop Dogg has some solid tips for your Thanksgiving dinner.

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What you'll want to read tonight

Even Lobsters Can't Escape Trump's Trade War

If you want to understand the modern global economy, the implications of climate change, and the unintended consequences of Trump’s trade wars, then you ought to consider the lobster.

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