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11 months ago
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august 04, 2018

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NASA reveals winners of 3D-printed mars habitat competition teams had to come up with a solution that tackled the issues of transporting materials to mars, whilst considering the planet's extreme conditions.

by kieron marchese


'zombie boy' rick genest, most tattooed model, has died aged 32 model, actor and artist, rick genest - otherwise known as 'zombie boy' because of his striking tattooed appearance - held guinness world records for his heavy inking.

by kieron marchese


everything on instagram is starting to look the same and insta repeat is here to prove it the account has uploaded 81 compilations of unique travel photos that shine a light on the damaging effects the democratisation of photography has had on originality.

by kieron marchese


vans unveils van gogh collection inspired by the artist's iconic paintings the limited-edition series will feature some of the artist's most prominent works, including skull (1887), almond blossom (1890), sunflowers (1889) and van gogh's self-portrait as a painter (1887-1888).

by kieron marchese


the best drone photographs of the year: 7 winners and 8 other incredible shots the 2018 drone photography contest has announced 7 winners including 'photo of the year,' a competition which utilizes technology as a new vehicle for photography.

by wes toshiro purpura


peak times: how to watch and photograph tonight's longest 'blood moon' eclipse of the century the astronomical event will see the usually silvery moon turn blood red and ochre.

by kieron marchese


8-bit meets the 80s in these animated architectural floor plans of cult classic films in collaboration with angie's list, a home design firm, neomam has released seven 8-bit gifs that are styled from iconic 1980's films, utilizing their brand and style to engage their audience.

by wes toshiro purpura


this digitally fabricated 'smart slab' is half the weight of a conventional concrete ceiling the slab, which is just 20 millimeters at its thinnest point, has been realized as part of 'DFAB house' – a project underway in switzerland.

by philip stevens


MAD's landmark tower proposal seeks to reconnect melbourne citizens with nature the proposal is competing against entries from other high-profile firms, including BIG, coop himmelb(l)au, MVRDV, OMA, and UNStudio.

by philip stevens


OMA reveals '24/7 vertical city' proposal for southbank by beulah tower in melbourne the tower's total size marks it the largest building the firm has ever designed after the CCTV headquarters in beijing.

by sofia lekka angelopoulou


wooden handmade animal trophies in to your wall $550 by Iwona Kosicka Design from Poland
lama scissors embody a sculptural from $56 by INTERNOITALIANO from Italy

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