Did Hollywood make real progress towards equality in 2015? A year of writing about race, and a female-only sushi restaurant

3 years ago

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Tuesday December 29

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Did Hollywood make any real progress on inequality in 2015?

There's no question that 2015 was a year when the discussion about diversity in entertainment moved from vague protestations to specific demands and actions.

Race politics

What I learnt from a year of writing about race

"I've learned this year that I have choices, and sometimes, in order to remain authentic, I've chosen to speak up."



Watch this little girl lose her mind over the 'Star Wars' trailer

It is not clear whether she's the franchise's youngest superfan or whether she is just super-excitable.

Sushi dreams

The sushi restaurant staffed entirely by women to fight sexism

Tokyo's Nadeshiko Sushi restaurant is working to overturn sushi's image as a male-only enterprise.

'Comfort women'

South Korea, Japan agree to resolve wartime sex slave issue

Those forced to work in Japan's wartime brothels were euphemistically known as 'comfort women'.

New mum

Cate Blanchett opens up about adoption of her daughter Edith

"You don't know anything about the child you're going to meet," Blanchett said.


Xmas ham

Christmas leftovers: Adam Liaw's grilled Cuban sandwich

You'll never be stuck with leftover Christmas ham and roast meat again with this recipe.

Jamie Durie

How to create a perfect open-air space for summer

Bamboo, batik and tropical touches combine to make the ultimate chill-out room.

Travel: Vanuatu

Why Vanuatu is a must-visit for every foodie

It's mainly known as a tropical island paradise, but Port Vila's eclectic food scene is pretty great.

Healthy BBQ

Why you should invite fibre to the barbecue this summer

So the beers are chilling and you're poised for action but did you bring the resistant starch?

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