Disbarred lawyer arrested in SC shootings | FBI delivers Kavanaugh report | $1M award in law firm bias case

5 months ago

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Thursday, October 4, 2018

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Disbarred lawyer suspected in shooting of 7 South Carolina police officers

FBI report on Kavanaugh is sent to Senate; confirmation vote could be Saturday

Susman Godfrey offers associates unlimited gender-neutral paid parental leave

Former LeClairRyan partner who sued for gender bias asks court to confirm $1M arbitration award

Former law firm clients coached to lie in asylum cases may be targeted for deportation

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What was the most memorable CLE you've taken?

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Oklahoma University College of Law associate dean resigns over sexist, homophobic writings

LSAT to start transitioning to digital format in 2019

What was the most memorable CLE you've taken?

4 men associated with white supremacist group face federal charges in Charlottesville violence

NY state tax department reviewing Trump fraud allegations outlined in investigative report

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