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Monthly Newsletter | Dec 2015


  “Discover the winning-formula that will lead to the      ultimate goal of spirituality.”


Are You Looking For Eternal Happiness
Muhammad Ghaznavi invaded India 17 times and carried back to Ghazni, a huge chunk of our precious stones, gold and silver. His army brought bloodshed and destruction wherever it went, leaving behind countless widows and orphans.


Spiritualising Modern Science
The challenge thrown by the output of uranium on one side and the Upanishadic concept which tells us that a man is an intellectual being is not enough; both these should converge. Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Human quest for knowledge...


Shankhnaad - Footsteps of a New Dawn Echoed in Patiala, Punjab
Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) organized the divine and soulful devotional concert on 'Shankhnaad'- "Navyug ke swagat ki mangalcharan dhwani", at the land of Patiala, Punjab on November 22nd, 2015. Shankhnaad- an extra-ordinary devotional concert which actually carried a great message for the mankind, successfully served its supreme purpose of spreading the message of a dawn of new era...


Monthly Spiritual Congregation Spiritualizing and Turning India into its Real Identity: BHARAT         
If we take a cursory glance of the world around, we will find that everywhere man is struggling for survival. The sole aim behind his incessant endeavours is the attainment of pleasure and peace. But ironically, the...

DJJS organized Meditation and Yoga Session for the Youth of Nottingham University, UK
In the parched land, a drop of water is like nectar of God. In today's era where anxiety, fear, cut throat competition and negativity is grappling the world, human life is looking for moments of relief. The moments where one...



Yug Nirmaani Naari Took Holy Vows to Awaken and Actuate the Inner Strength
This world has always experienced the inner power and strength of women which is often manifested in their personalities. The life-changing thoughts and unending inspirations given by women have always contributed ...


Divya Udghosh - A Divine Clarion Call for Amravati, Maharashtra

DJJS at International Conference by SDS and KAICIID

Shri Ram Katha - En Route to Establish Shri Ram within the Masses of Jalandhar, Punjab



Antardrishti's Message Sends Out Its Waves Across India
Antardrishti initiative of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is a part of His great vision to mainstream people with disabilities into society, by...


Manthan SVK Performs at Pinning Ceremony of Rotaract Club
Rotaract Club of Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce conducted its installation ceremony on 29 October 2015, to honour the newly elected core committee members for...


DJJS and AIIMS initiative COMPREHENSIVE EYE CARE PROJECT extend quality eye care services in Bawana
It used to be a dream for us to get the medical services offered by AIIMS, Delhi, but today with the efforts of DJJS...


1000s of women joined hands against gender injustice in the state of Haryana

Young brigade of nature conservators brought forth the import of cleaning the surroundings

Students felt strong to 'Say No' to drugs at Adarsh Senior Secondary School, Rohini, New Delhi



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