Do you play Sit and Go Tournaments?

5 years ago

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Hey Guys,
Are you a Sit and Go player?
This format of poker is a great way to play tournament format poker regularly but without the often cumbersome time commitment required to complete a full freezeout tournament with many hundreds or thousands of players.
Sit and Go's, (sometimes just called SNGs) can be thought of as a mini tournament, usually just consisting of a single or a few tables of players and can be completed within an hour or so.
They are also a great format to really earn a good income from playing poker, as there are methods and strategies that can be applied to really maximise your win rate from these little hidden gems.
If you are interested, then we have a complete course in the Poker Professor University dedicated to Sit and Go's which is called Dominate Sit and Go Poker Course: How to Consistently Win SNG Tournaments.. It contains 14 lessons and is completely free.
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I know some of you that were interested in doing the same thing have signed up for the course and others are still thinking about it. The doors close tomorrow night (Friday 25th April), so for those that are still thinking about it, now's the time to make your mind up if you want to take the course.
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If you are having any problems with the registration then drop me an email and I'll do my best to help you out.
That’s all for now,
Adrian ('The Prof')
Poker Professor
eGaming Media Ltd, 33 Rodyard Way, Coventry, UNITED KINGDOM
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