Does Russia know something you don't?

10 days ago

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Russia just overtook China as the fifth largest gold holder…

Dear Reader,

Russia just overtook China as the fifth largest gold holder…

Bloomberg reports…

‘The Bank of Russia in January increased its holdings by almost 20 metric tons to 1,857 tons, topping the People’s Bank of China’s reported 1,843 tons.’ 

Vladimir Putin is loading up on gold at the fastest rate in 12 years.

He knows the only way to protect sovereign wealth is to stockpile an asset that acts as a hedge against a global debt crisis.

A crisis that’s looking more likely by the day…

Globally, our debt has risen by 64% since 2008.

This has pushed the world’s debt-to-GDP ratio up to about 320%...blowing up the debt to GDP by 50%.

I’ll say it now: Putin has a right to be worried.

He’s right to be building up Russia’s gold reserves.

Jim Rickards is worried too.

He believes the system can’t take too much more debt. He says a global monetary ‘reset’ is on the cards.

And if he’s right, it might be best to ‘do a Putin’ and get yourself some gold.

You can discover Jim’s best strategy for buying gold in a crisis in his latest book, The New Case for Gold.

The warehouse has started to run low on hardcopies of Jim’s most valuable book, which means this offer is likely to end soon.

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Shae Russell,
Editor, The Daily Reckoning Australia

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