Don't give like the Godfather (on gratitude)

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Hey friend,
So it's the week after Thanksgiving and I'm thinking about gratitude and generosity.
Specifically about how these two are linked. You can't give if you aren't grateful. And being generous often leads to greater gratitude.
But I didn't always think this way. It wasn't until a recent epiphany when I started to look at relationships differently.
“Why am I not doing everything possible to help my friends?” I asked my friend Joe while walking down the streets of Portland one night. "Honestly, because sometimes it doesn’t benefit me.”
For a long time, this was the way I thought about relationships: knowing people is great… so long as it gets you somewhere. But after running my business, and my life, along these principles, I found it to be unfulfilling.
That's the subject of my latest blog post. In this recent piece I share:The subtle difference between givers and "matchers" (and why you don't want to be the latter)
How to give, not take, your way into influence
Why being generous with your time and resources is the best way to spend your life
And a simple hack to not be mistaken for a mob boss ;)Read the article here.
The gist of it is this: Don't help people because they can help you back. Do it because you genuinely enjoy helping people. (Tweet that here).
That's really the best reason to help. And the more you give, the more grateful you'll feel. And you just might be surprised at how much you get, and how fulfilled you feel.
And to put my money where my mouth is, there are just a few hundred free copies of You Are a Writer available on BookGrabbr. Get yours here.
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Free audio version of The Art of Work when you sign up for a free 30 day trial of AudibleEnjoy!
P.S. Let me know how I can help you. Truly. I want to know. Leave a comment on today's post or just reply directly to this email. I'll try to read every email that comes in.
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