Don’t let your critics win during t he Pisces moon-Neptune conjunction

5 months ago

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Emotional sensitivity is at an all-time high during the moon-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. When these emotional bodies encounter Pisces’ highly intuitive, sensitive energy, there’s an unmistakable dreamlike quality to life. Creativity and imagination flow, leading to inspired creations and artistic masterpieces.
The danger during this ethereal transit is getting lost in your dreams and fantasies, as well as being a little too sensitive for your own good. When you put yourself out there, criticism that can cut to the core isn’t far behind, and a thick skin isn’t one of Pisces’ most obvious traits. Try not to take the haters’ rants personally – even though their words may cut deep.
To avoid any potential negativity, it helps to know what’s coming, and your September Horoscope has some great advice for the month ahead. What can you expect when it comes to love? Your job? Family relationships? Money? Find out what lies ahead so you won’t be caught off guard – arming yourself with knowledge is the best defense!

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