Don't miss the deadline [Nov. 30th]: Take Part 2016 - Come to Stockholm

3 years ago

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Publishers and vendors doing the right thing!Reaching out, attracting and keeping users activeThe inclusive e-book ecosystemInto the hand of readers

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Our vision is a society where all information is accessible, a world where everyone can take part!

We hope this conference will increase knowledge of born accessible publications,

and show how inclusion is key to support democratic development and ensure human rights globally.


Welcome to Stockholm and Take Part in May 2016! 


Roland Esaiasson                                                                                                                                                     

Director General, Swedish Agency for Accessible Media 

Elin Nord                  

Chair of the Swedish DAISY Consortium                  

Jesper Klein

Chair of the Board, DAISY Consortium



Ulla Bohman

Swedish Agency for Accessible Media

+46 8 580 02 815|


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