Daily Update: January 24, 2019

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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Today's Economy

Europe Daily Briefing: The ECB Plays for Time

The bank will provide more clarity on its guidance and outlook in March.

U.S. Backs Venezuela’s Opposition Leader

Markets saw an increased likelihood of a government transition.

U.S. Economic Data Affected by Partial Government Shutdown for 1/24/19

Industry GDP will not be released.

Asia-Pacific Briefing: Philippines Limps to the 2018 Finish Line

Manufacturing and investment continued to disappoint in the fourth quarter.



The UAE Prospects Beyond Oil

The nonoil sector is slowly growing, but the gains are uneven across industries.

Australia Housing Outlook: The Ongoing Correction

Sydney and Melbourne will continue driving the slowdown in 2019.

U.S. Chartbook: Shutdown Will Sting

The costs of the partial government shutdown appear to be spreading.

U.S. Housing Outlook: The Job Market Effect

Slow house price appreciation hampers job growth in many professions.


Today's Economic Indicators

Euro Zone
Monetary Policy
Jan. 2019: 0.0%
As expected, the European Central Bank left its policy rates unchanged at its January meeting.

United States
Jobless Claims
January 19: 199,000
Jobless claims plunged for the third consecutive week, squashing any fears that the labor market is running out of steam.

Economic Activity Index
Nov. 2018: 1.8%
As expected, economic activity continued to decelerate in November, slowed by the political transition.

United States
St. Louis Fed Financial Stress Index
January 18: -0.91
The St.

United States
Conference Board Leading Indicators
Dec. 2018: -0.1%
The outlook for the U.S. economy has softened a bit.

United States
Natural Gas Storage Report
January 18: -163 bil cubic feet
The decline in natural gas inventories was slightly greater than analyst expectations, which will put upward pressure on gas prices.

United States
Oil Inventories
January 18: 445.0 mil barrels
A surprise increase in crude oil inventories will put downward pressure on oil prices.

United States
Kansas City Fed Manufacturing Survey
Jan. 2019: 5
Manufacturing within the Tenth District remained in expansion territory in January.

Economic Activity Indicator
Nov. 2018: -7.5%
The statistics office’s monthly economic activity index fell 7.5% y/y in November after dropping 4.2% in the previous month.

South Korea
Consumer Sentiment Index
Jan. 2019: 97.5
South Korea’s consumer sentiment index improved slightly to 97.5 points in January, higher by 0.6 points than in December.



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