[EDB] Singapore Economic Development Board - February 2018

1 year ago

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Helping healthcare companies navigate Asia's regulatory environment

A Singapore-based organisation is working with industry members and national authorities to build regulatory capacity and encouraging policy innovation in Asia.
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Talent diversity: The secret to building an innovative organisation

Innovation has become the new currency of success, and research suggests that your ability to innovate is related to the diversity of your workforce.Read more
Only 25 countries well-positioned to benefit from Industry 4.0 according to new World Economic Forum report

Singapore is among the 25 Leading countries. It ranked 11th for the Structure of Production, and 2nd for the Drivers of Production.
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Energy & Chemicals in Singapore: A snapshot of key projects in 2017
Spurred by Asia’s growth, Singapore’s chemicals industry continues to attract investments across manufacturing, research & development, and headquarter services in 2017.
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