Elavon, Brighterion Strike AI Anti-Fraud Deal | TangoTrade Modernizes Letters Of Credit For SMBs | Revolving Credit Balances Rise In May

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Elavon, Brighterion strike AI anti-fraud deal, TangoTrade modernizes Letters of Credit for SMBs, Revolving credit balances rise in May



July 9, 2019


Brighterion And Elavon Strike AI Anti-Fraud Deal For The Acquiring Space

Artificial intelligence (AI) holds the promise of bringing better fraud defenses to the payments and financial services ecosystem. Brighterion CEO Akli Adjaoute and Elavon Senior Vice President Tim Miller discuss their new partnership, which will bring the power of true AI to fight back against the complex web of merchant fraud in the acquiring space.



Digital Identity

Digital ID For The Next Billion People

The role of digital ID in boosting the digital economy in the coming years is undisputed. Reinhard Hochrieser, vice president of product management at Jumio, talks with PYMNTS about the global state of digital ID and access management, and the impact of giving one billion global consumers access to better and more secure financial services to retail and the global GDP.



SMB Credit

TangoTrade’s Payment Assurance Out To Modernize The $3.1T Letter Of Credit Business

Letters of credit have long been the backbone of global trade and a vital part of building trust between buyers and sellers cross border. But SMBs experience massive friction acquiring those guarantees from banks. TangoTrade CEO and Co-Founder Scott Reynolds talks with Karen Webster about how tech brings letters of credit into the digital age and more SMBs into the cross-border payments flow.



 SMB Receivables Gap Playbook™

Report: The Reason High-Margin Companies Pay SMB Suppliers Late

Half of all SMBs with low operating margins say they pay their trading partners late because they don’t have the cash. Yet, 2 out of 5 high margin SMBs say they pay their suppliers late for a very different reason: Because they say they’re important customers and that’s the way the cash flow cookie crumbles. In the SMB Receivables Gap Playbook, PYMNTS surveyed 1,031 U.S. firms to understand how the trade credit system puts low-margin firms at a disadvantage — and what they can do about it.



 mPOS Tracker™

What Really Drives Small Vendors’ mPOS Picks

mPOS providers deck out their offerings with features ranging from eCommerce integrations to mobile wallet payment acceptance. But what really matters to micro merchants? In this month’s mPOS Tracker, small business owners Cherrette Jupiter of Jupiter Pies and Kris Naradzay of Kris Krafts explain why transparent fee structures are the most compelling feature of all.




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