[Email Sherpa] Marriott’s year in review send helps increase revenue 86% year-over-year

3 years ago

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Discover how a single send from Marriott International contributed to a 9.7% increase in conversion rate year-over-year.
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Email Marketing: Marriott's Year in Review send helps increase revenue 86% year-over-year

"It felt like we had the opportunity to really do something that was much more really member-centric and really use all the data that we've got on our members and present it to them in an interesting, fun way that they might not expect from us," Clark Cummings, Senior Manager of Member Marketing, Marriott International, said when describing Marriott's
Year in Review campaign.
Learn how, through member data and providing a customer-centric, non-transaction based email touchpoint, a single send from Marriott International contributed to a year-over-year 86% increase in revenue for the month of December.
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