Enhance your Wi-Fi with a beer can, How to save your phone's battery life, and more!

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Enhance your Wi-Fi with a beer can, How to save your...Problems viewing this email?
Click here to view in a browser.Must-see VideosDecember 25, 2015Featured videos from Komando.com

It's OK to say 'Merry Christmas' to me!

When people call me up on the air during my weekly radio show, sometimes they don't know whether it's OK to say "Merry Christmas" during the holidays. It is! Watch this clip from my show and read this column
I wrote about the issue.

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Classic Mr. Bean Christmas Turkey sketch

It doesn't get any better than this! Mr. Bean's most famous sketch is also a Christmas classic. Merry Christmas everyone!

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Save your battery with this simple trick

Do you feel like your battery is draining faster than it should? Your
phone might be working too hard. In this Komando.com Flash Tip, we show you a simple way to extend the life of your phone.

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One hour of Yuletide kitty cuteness!

Lil Bub is America's favorite cat! She's appeared on Good Morning America, The View, Today and more. She has her own TV show and now you can enjoy her just taking a nap in front of a Yule Log for one hour of uninterrupted cuteness! 

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3 ways to share files too large to email

Most email services limit your attachment sizes to just a few megabytes,
which is no big deal if you want to send a picture or two. But if you have videos you want to share, chances are that email will be too big to send. In this Komando.com Flash Tip, we have three ways you can share those large files, for free!

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This video will give you Christmas chills!

Nobody knows how Santa can visit every house in one night. Maybe he does it with the help of these airplane elves! In the time it took these travelers to fly from Toronto to Calgary, they fulfilled every passenger's Christmas wish. I'm getting Christmas chills!

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Enhance your Wi-Fi router signal with an empty beer can

Don't throw that beer can away. You can turn it into an antenna to boost your Wi-Fi coverage. See how in this exclusive Komando.com Report!

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4 guys, 1 piano, 1 incredible Christmas carol

Don't you just love the talented Piano Guys? Now they've tried their magic fingers at one of my favorite Christmas carols!
You won't believe this angelic rendition using four guys and one piano.

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