Enterprise Security News: Data Breaches: New Analysis Reveals Trends, Debunks Myths

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October 2015
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Virtual Patching Protects Unsupported Applications
By now you know that if you're still running Windows Server 2003, you're at risk of attack. But even without vendor security updates, you can continue using your servers safely, with virtual patching, a core capability of Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ and other products. This step-by-step demo shows you exactly how it works.
Research on Data Breaches Reveals Trends, Risks, and More
Two new TrendLabs research papers prepared by Trend Micro's Forward-Looking Threat Research Team provide an in-depth look at data breaches, and debunk some common myths about them. Start with Christopher Budd's insightful blog, read a summary of the findings, or get the full reports here and here.
AV-TEST Results Help You Choose the Best Solution
When AV-TEST revealed the results of its July/August testing, Trend Micro™ OfficeScan™ clearly stood out among the top performers, with consistent high scores across many areas of testing. In this blog post, Andrew Stevens explains what the results mean, and why OfficeScan was rated best at stopping zero-day threats.
Massive Data Breach Exposes Lack of Planning, Accountability
In the aftermath of a massive data breach affecting as many as 4 million customers, it's become evident that English telco Talk-Talk was woefully underprepared for this sort of attack. With no CSO/CISO to lead security planning and implementation, the ultimate outcome may be the company's collapse. Rik Ferguson explores the issues in this blog.
Raimund Genes Interview: Questions to Ask BEFORE a Breach
Bill Murphy is known for interviewing thought leaders and innovators across a wide spectrum of industries. In this podcast, Trend Micro CTO Raimund Genes opens up about how CSOs and CIOs can lay the groundwork before an attack to minimize the damage—to both the business and to their careers—that may come after.
New AWS Service Perfect Complement to Deep Security
During AWS re:Invent 2015, AWS announced several new services that will soon be available. Amazon Inspector will analyze activity within your instances, compare to best practices, and report on potential security risks—making it easy for Deep Security users to instantly address them. Mark Nunnikhoven's blog post gives you the details.
Burning Down the House: Sony Was Not Alone
The attack that devastated Sony one year ago made a lot of waves. But as attack tools proliferate on the dark web, sophisticated, large-scale, and potentially destructive attacks are on the rise. In a recent blog, Trend Micro Chief Cybersecurity Officer Tom Kellermann explains why it's happening, and what it means for security to keep up.
Security for Your Software-Defined Data Center Strategy
As you move to adopt the software-defined data center, VMware NSX can optimize the value of your investment. This video shows how—and demonstrates why Trend Micro's long-standing partnership with VMware delivers fully integrated security that adapts to your changing needs as your virtualization strategy evolves.
Researchers Find "Immature" Market, With Plenty of Risk
Our Forward-looking Threat Research team decided to look into the cyber-criminal underground outside of China and Russia. What they found in Japan provides valuable insights on securing your international transactions. Read Christopher Budd's summary blog post or get the full report to learn how the researchers arrived at their conclusions.
Spear-phishing and Ransomware on the Rise—How to Fight Back
With ransomware and spear-phishing attacks increasing, it's important to keep your security measures up to date. Trend Micro™ Hosted Email Security has been enhanced with new capabilities that give you powerful new ways to detect and disable these dangerous attacks. This blog post from Richard Medugno gives you the details.
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EAST-WEST INSTITUTE: What Do the Obama-Xi Agreements Mean for Cyber?
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