EV Infrastructure Charges Up; Porsche 911 Hybrid Details

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DECEMBER 18, 2018

EV Infrastructure Charges Up

The Big Story
Infrastructure for electrified vehicles, namely BEVs, is getting a boost via thousands of new charging stations expected to come online in the U.S. in the next eight years. Meanwhile, charging speeds and times are improving ahead of new long-range BEVs arriving soon.

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How do more mobility startups get their start in Michigan? One way is PlanetM Startup Grants. With over $1 million in available funding, these grants help mobility companies deploy and test their technologies on Michigan roadways within closed or real-world environments. To learn more about PlanetM Startup Grants, click here .

Autoline Daily: Top Industry News for Dec. 17

Lincoln Creates Continental with Suicide Doors; Porsche 911 Hybrid Details; JLR To Cut Thousands of Jobs

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Nissan Confident Thailand Ready for Leaf EV

Nissan is working with stakeholders including the Metropolitan Electric Authority and the Electric Vehicle Association of Thailand to ensure Leaf buyers will be able to charge their vehicles, Nissan Thailand President Antoine Barthes says.

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Porsche Reveals Details of 911 Hybrid

August Achleitner, the German automaker’s head of sportscar development, confirms work is progressing on a hybrid version of the powerplant that will provide the new 911 with the capability to run exclusively on electric power for limited distances.

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Safety First: Michigan Creating World With Fewer Fender Benders

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The evolution of mobility demands collaboration between state, industry, community, advocacy and higher education leaders working together to make sure new mobility raises the quality of life for everyone.

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Special-Edition Lincoln Opens Doors to ‘60s Style

David Woodhouse, global strategic and Lincoln Design director, says the ’19 Lincoln Continental Coach is based on the iconic ’61 Continental that represented a step toward a smoother, more functional design than the heavily chromed American cars of the late 1950s.

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