Eve of destruction

7 months ago

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The United Nations warned this week that we have 17 years to slow climate change. But for some it's too late. In Florida they're tallying the dead lost to Hurricane Michael, which like Florence was turbocharged by warming oceans. Meanwhile the White House filled a key EPA advisory board with critics of pollution regulation. —David E. Rovella

Here are today's top stories

Embattled social media giant Facebook said that of the 30 million people affected by the hack revealed last month, personal data including search results, recent locations and hometowns were stolen from 14 million.

Pot smoking, SEC litigation and defamation claims aside, Elon Musk's Tesla just blew past the 100,000 mark for Model 3 production. But the tax break that's made the electric car more affordable is about to shrink.

Saudi Arabia's would-be reformer Mohammed bin Salman has ensnared his country in diplomatic outrage tied to accusations that it murdered a missing Washington Post columnist, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

Sears was where working class America shopped. As it began to falter, a hedge fund manager took over, closed stores and fired employees while carving out choice assets for himself. This is the story of how Sears, now on the edge of bankruptcy, took Eddie Lampert down with it.

Gunmakers love America, where a sizable minority own them and like to buy more. Now, Europe's Sig Sauer and Glock have taken a fight over a patent, and those bountiful U.S. dollars, to a Vienna courtroom.

China’s car market has been one of the most reliable engines of global growth for decades. Now that all might be coming to an end.

What's Luke Kawa thinking? The Bloomberg cross-asset reporter says it's time to consider whether this bond sell-off is good news or bad.

What you'll need to know tomorrow

U.S. stocks recovered slightly after a really bad week.Virgin halts $1 billion Saudi investment talks over missing journalist.FEMA chief blames Americans for a lack of hurricane preparedness.The enormous Airbus A380 faces another crisis.Twitter CEO Dorsey slammed for opposing a tax to help homeless. Here's your crash-course on the language of legal weed.Handmade, luxurious leather briefcases made in...Rhode Island?

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What you'll want to read tonight

Singapore to NYC Nonstop Is Still Pretty Brutal

But it's a lot better than flights that include a layover. That’s the jetlagged verdict of Bloomberg Executive Editor Sarah Wells after disembarking from Singapore Airlines Flight 22, the return of the carrier’s Changi-to-Newark journey after a five-year hiatus.

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