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6 years ago

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Hi John,

As you've no doubt noticed, there's a lot going on at BettingExpert recently.

And it's never been a better time to be a member of the BettingExpert community.

We've just added a tipping competition for Euro 2012 worth €1,000 as well as launching our special Euro 2012 Betting section to keep you up to date with all the betting as this years Euro tournament proceeds.

Soon we will also be integrating our mail system.

What does this mean?

Well for those of you who have signed up to our Newsletter but are not yet members of the BettingExpert community, it means that you will automatically become a member of the BettingExpert Community when the mail integration takes place. In a couple of weeks you will receive your username and password with which you can log into your very own BettingExpert user dashboard.

If you can't wait a couple of weeks to become a member and want to get involved for all the Euro 2012 action, you can do so right now by registering here.

Or if you would rather unsubscribe from the Newsletter before the mail integration, you can unsubscribe here.

It's an exciting time at BettingExpert. With Euro 2012 coming up, it's a great time to get involved!

Best regards,


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