Explore Southern France and save up to 50%.

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Special offer: For a limited-time save on this incredible trip with hotels, 20 meals, river cruise and more.
Treasures of Burgundy and Provence.
Explore Southern France while cruising down the Rhone and Saône rivers. Book by July 5th and save up to 50%.
Enjoy a 7-night cruise on the French Rhone and Saône rivers. Soak in the scenery of historic cities and landscapes including; Lyon, Avignon, Macon, Chalone sur Saône and more. Offer includes meals and drinks, onboard entertainment and complimentary Wi-Fi onboard. Customize your trip with optional excursions, wine tastings and tours.
Save up to 50%
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Book by July 5th. Travel window reflects 4/30/2020-5/7/2020. Additional restrictions may apply. See landing pages for full terms & conditions.
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