Feb. 11 - Ariz. extends gas moratorium | Performance-based reg rises in Hawaii

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Hawaii PUC staff proposes performance-based regulation framework; Minnesota's case study: Investing in utility upgrades to boost energy efficiency; New governors accelerate clean energy action, propelled by Democratic midterm wave; Oklahoma's energy efficiency incentives give utilities a business reason to save customers money

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| Feb.​ 11,​ 2019

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The electric utility industry is undergoing a huge transformation and understanding the trends shaping its future is essential.
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Today, we're excited to share our first Trendline on Utility Business Model Reform with you. As utilities target the evolving demands of customers, regulators and others, new ideas and actions are arising, from subscription-based models for electricity and other energy services to partnerships with distributed energy resource providers.
We hope you enjoy reading our first Trendline on Utility Business Model Reform — and stay tuned for Trendlines on other key topics driving the power sector. We would love to hear your feedback.
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Arizona extends gas plant moratorium, punts on PURPA reforms


Regulators last week extended a partial moratorium on utility construction of new large gas-fired generators in the state until Aug. 1, 2019, as they consider a broad, 80% clean energy proposal.


Hawaii PUC staff proposes performance-based regulation framework


The idea is to lower electricity costs and align utility business interests with the state's clean energy goals.


Minnesota's case study: Investing in utility upgrades to boost energy efficiency


The state's Department of Commerce worked with stakeholders to better understand how to encourage over 100 utilities to take advantage of an energy efficiency incentive.

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Deep Dive

New governors accelerate clean energy action, propelled by Democratic midterm wave


States like New Mexico, which have seen eight years or more of policy inaction and rollbacks, are rapidly breaking into the clean energy space under new leadership.


Oklahoma's energy efficiency incentives give utilities a business reason to save customers money


The traditional cost-of-service revenue model disincentivizes utilities from delivering robust energy efficiency programs. But Oklahoma demonstrates two ways to help utilities embrace such efforts, AEE writes.


Iowa proposes rules for commercial, public EV chargers


The Iowa Utilities Board's proposal would set guidelines for electric vehicle charging at public facilities, with the aim of removing the stations from the definition of "public utility" under state law.


Duke offers community solar option for South Carolina residents


Duke Energy Carolinas estimates upwards of $200 annual credits for customers enrolled in the new Shared Solar subscription.

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