Feb. 11 - IBM plans $2B SUNY tech hub | Harvard asks to dismiss single-gender club lawsuit

5 months ago
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Harvard looks to dismiss lawsuit over single-gender club policy; As MBAs decline, U of Miami shifts to specialization; Oregon College of Art and Craft to close as small art schools struggle to survive; Loans are worth the cost for some community college students, study finds

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Daily edition | Feb.​ 11,​ 2019

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The trends shaping the future of higher education are essential to understand.
That's why we've created Trendlines, a new destination on Education Dive to learn more about the forces impacting colleges and universities today. Each Trendline is a living, in-depth resource featuring stories written by our team of journalists to provide insights into a key trend. We will update Trendlines throughout the year as new developments emerge.
Today, we're excited to share our first Trendline, on the topic of emerging technology. In it, we explore the opportunities afforded to higher ed by new technologies such as augmented and virtual reality and artificial intelligence, as well as the challenges to effectively implementing them.
We hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your feedback.
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