❄ February digest: 32 new artists + Community camping + more 🌎

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Bob Dylan, Rosalía, Robert Plant, Underworld and many more. See how we donated all our profits. Sign up for community camping. And lots more, friend.

Nobel prize winner, flamenco-pop and your best chance to see fish reproduce

32 new artists have been announced.
The legend of all legends, BOB DYLAN, is back at Roskilde Festival.
Other new acts include the iconic Robert Plant, Spanish favourite Rosalía, Underworld, Hjalte Ross, Phil Anselmo playing Pantera with The Illegals and soooo many more. Dig in! 83 music acts have now been announced. We're about halfway there.
We've also announced four new artists for our Arts & Activism programme. Expect a taste laboratory on wheels, an interactive museum of smells, a golden amber chamber and a waterbed that includes underwater reproduction. Neat!
See all the new artists

Community camping: Apply now for Dream City, Clean Out Loud, Settle'n Share and Leave No Trace

Community camping is what we call the areas where you sign up for a little extra. If you feel a special responsibility towards the community and would like to give something back (and get something in return), this is for you.
Whether it's keeping it all clean together or organising an attempting the world record for the longest spooning session in the world, you'll find it in these communities.
Community camping, this way!

We donated all our profits from Roskilde Festival. Here's how we did it

Roskilde Festival is 100 % non-profit. You know that, right? We've donated all our profits since 1972. In fact, we have donated more than €52 million over the course of those years. If you know your Danish currency, that's more than 390 million kroner that we have generated.
When we say we, that is: All of us. Together. Volunteers, ticket-buyers, partners, artists... Everyone. Check out who received donations below.
How we donated all of last year's profits

Get the app, get the news

Did you see the new website? And did you download our app?
We've updated it, so you can...
Get the news first, listen to playlists, mark your favourites and get ready for the best week of the year.
Download the app

Get Volt, get power

Hate running out of power on your phone? Looking for your friends, texting with someone special, checking the schedule and suddenly... black screen.
That won't happen with Volt. There will be 28 stalls onsite, or you can book a portable charger in advance.
Book Volt

Keep an eye on...

What, when, who, what? Here a few things you don't want to miss.

More music and art to be announced: we still have about 97 music acts that we haven't revealed and plenty of art, too. Donations: you helped us generate a huge profit in 2018! More stories to come. Did you see the donation recipients that you nominated? Ch-ch-check it ooout. We've opened a højskole! This is big news, and we're mighty proud of it. If you're one of those people who can read Danish, you can read more about it right here. Still considering a Special Camping product? See what's left. 'Til next time: Be good, be kind. You know, spring is just around the corner here in Denmark. We physically can't see around corners, that's a fact, but we're pretty confident about this corner.
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