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Are you ready to fight back against Citizens United and big money in politics? See how Americans are already fighting back and join the movement!

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Super PACs. Shadowy big money donors. Presidential candidates wooing billionaires.

It may seem like all the news about money in politics is discouraging – but did you hear about the victories for everyday Americans last month in Maine and Seattle?

By large margins, Maine and Seattle voters said YES to small-donor financed elections, tougher penalties for election law-breakers, and rules that close the revolving door for lobbyists. Alongside local partners, Every Voice led the fight for these initiatives – and we're launching campaigns in even more states around the country in 2016.

Are you ready to fight back and stand up for a government of, by, and for the people?

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Americans aren't waiting for Congress or the courts to take action – they're taking matters into their own hands!

Together, we're winning victories for policies that reduce the influence of wealthy special interests – and allow everyday people to have a real voice in their elections.

Let's do this - fight back now!

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