Finablr Struggles To Find Investor Interest | FinCEN Issues Virtual Currency Guidance | Can The Loan Shark Prevention Act Help Consumers?

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Finablr struggles to find investor interest, FinCEN issues virtual currency guidance, Can The Loan Shark Prevention Act help consumers?



May 13, 2019

Innovation Readiness Playbook™

Why FIs Are Laser-Focused On Corporate Credit Innovation

More than 85 percent of financial institutions (FIs) plan to invest in new corporate credit products and features. In the latest Innovation Readiness Playbook, the Corporate Credit Product Edition, PYMNTS surveys more than 200 FI decision-makers to assess how they are innovating a venerable product line. Here’s what they say.



P2P Payments

As P2P Payments Spreads Its Wings, Challenges Loom

Zelle and Venmo are riding high, at least based on first quarter financial results. Yet, as P2P growth continues, challenges remain. One potential problem, in fact, could pose a threat to future growth if not addressed in the right way.



Banking Security

Steering Clear Of Banking’s ‘Single Point Of Failure’

Banking — especially mobile banking — creates a "single point of failure" that could allow fraudsters to make off with consumer data and money. Boloro CEO Karl Kilb tells PYMNTS why separating transactions and authentication is critical when done via mobile — or even at the ATM.



Payment Methods

Why The Loan Shark Prevention Act Will Harm Consumers

In 1973, President Nixon capped the price of gasoline for consumers, and rationed when they could buy it during the energy crisis. The result was predictable: long gas lines and station operators that rationed supply. Consumers paid more, but in different ways. Karen Webster says it’s also the predictable outcome should the Loan Shark Prevention Act, proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, come to pass. Price caps always hurt the very consumers they are intended to help. Dig into today’s history and economics lesson rolled into one.




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