Find out how Singapore is partnering Indonesia on its new digital economy

7 months ago

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Asianovation: How Asia and Singapore have become global magnets for innovation centres

Capgemini shares how over 87 per cent of companies with billion-dollar annual revenues are setting up innovation hubs. Find out why ENGIE, Bayer and Accenture think Singapore is the best place in Asia for theirs.
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Singapore’s nose for success: It’s sweet smelling fragrances industry                

Whiffs of success are following the fragrances industry across ASEAN, with MNCs and startups choosing Singapore to anchor their most strategic operations in the region. Read more
Big is beautiful when it comes to innovation

Startups are no longer the only innovators. With the power of dual transformation, more and more large corporations are being reborn as nimble entrepreneurs.
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The original disruptor

No giant is immune to disruption. Find out how PayPal chooses to be the disruptor instead through its innovation lab in Singapore.
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