Florida courts brace for Michael | Meet Kavanaugh's 4 female law clerks | $19M settles overcharge claim

5 months ago

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

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In his first Supreme Court arguments, Kavanaugh takes serious approach and loses some 'faceoffs'

DoNotPay app aims to help users sue anyone in small claims court--without a lawyer

We need to talk about abortion, says author of 'Scarlet A'

Have an innovative idea to serve community legal needs? This ABE grant program could be for you

Federal and state courts announce closures ahead of Hurricane Michael

On Well-Being

What every attorney should know about alcohol and substance abuse

If you have a gut feeling about troubles facing another lawyer, you don't have to diagnose the problem, says lawyer and consultant Jeena Cho. But you may need to prepare for a difficult conversation.

Former law firm of disbarred lawyer Stan Chesley agrees to pay $19M for fee overcharges

Study: Average price of a JD drops amid declining class sizes, costing $1.5B a year in lost tuition

Legal industry posts jobs gains in September

Sotomayor expresses 'deeply troubling concern' about solitary confinement in cert denial

Meet Justice Kavanaugh's four female law clerks, a hiring first

Voice-activated time-tracking assistant Tali wins $100K in Clio's Launch//Code competition

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