Food banks shouldn’t even exist. Don ’t let them become the new normal

9 months ago

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Food banks shouldn’t even exist. Don’t let them become the new normal
Owen Jones
Congratulations, William and Kate – you can afford a third child
Dawn Foster
A separate NHS tax would only further its fragmentation
Caroline Lucas
Stab her, your friend said, and you did. I survived – but you scarred my life
Jo Phillips
Abolish all bank holidays, Corbyn: and let workers choose their time off
Anna Macey
How dare ministers try to blame the Windrush fiasco on Home Office staff
Mark Serwotka
Mental health labels can save lives. But they can also destroy them
Jay Watts
May is chasing a fantasists’ Brexit. She must change course now
Rafael Behr
Let’s turn our anger into action with a summer of solidarity
Zoe Williams
Labour’s far left must tame itself to root out antisemitism
Keith Kahn-Harris
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The Guardian view on Macron in Washington: a need for results
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Martin Rowson on the birth of the Cambridges’ third child – cartoon
The Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a boy. Kate and William’s third child was born at 11.01am at St Mary’s hospital, central London
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