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From 06-Jul-2018 to 13-Jul-2018
Premium Quality Product Potential
Achieve premium quality products with a shorter ingredient statement. Take advantage of the 20-plus functional benefits of egg products. Liquid, dried or frozen, REAL eggs create consistent products every run...

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 Soup-to-Nuts Podcast: From the blue to elevate butter, 5 trends to watch from the Fancy Food Show
One of the best places to spot emerging trends is at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City where earlier this month more than 2,400 manufacturers and suppliers showcased more than 180,000 products ranging from innovative sweets, better-for-you snacks and new twists on pantry staples... Listen now

Clean meat in focus at FDA meeting: ‘We are not a scooter rental company… we can’t just throw our food on the market and assume people will trust us…’
The FDA’s July 12 public meeting on cell-cultured (aka ‘clean’ meat) exposed sharp differences of opinion over how meat grown from cells outside an animal should be labeled and regulated. But there was also real excitement about the potential of a technology promising a cleaner, greener and kinder model for meat production... Read

New Sustainable Food Policy Alliance aims to improve nutrition labeling, environmental impact of food production
A new association created by four of the nation's largest food companies wants to redirect industry’s approach to nutrition, transparency and the environmental impact of food production, in a move the CSPI says "further marginalizes" the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA)... Read

Dang Foods taps into keto-friendly trend with the FATBAR: ‘Fat is back. Embrace it’
Dang Foods – best known for its coconut chips and sticky rice snacks – is making its first foray into the notoriously crowded bar segment with the FATBAR – a new high fat, moderate protein, low carb, nut butter-based bar with no added sugar that taps into the keto craze... Read

Kuli Kuli explains why its growing portfolio of moringa products is worth more than the competition
As sales of moringa in the US continue to rise, category pioneer Kuli Kuli is stepping up its consumer outreach and education efforts to defend its leading position in the space against competition from less-expensive and lower-quality options... Read

Spindrift gets sprinkle of stardust in first nationwide campaign, on road to be ‘beverage solution for everybody’
Spindrift, a sparkling water brand flavored with fruit juice, has achieved some significant milestones including multiple rounds of equity funding ($10m and $20) led by VMG Partners, triple digit sales, and national distribution. But according to the brand’s SVP of marketing, Caroline Kibler, its consumer awareness and understanding had room for improvement... Read

Tempo uses ‘micro-dosing’ to deliver more benefits with less caffeine
Sometimes less is more, as in the case of caffeine, which the founders of Chicago-based beverage startup Tempo argue more effectively boosts productivity, awareness and cognitive performance when metered out in “micro-doses,” rather than the mega-amounts found in most energy drinks and ready-to-drink coffees... Read

Solvay launches at IFT a less expensive natural vanillin specially formulated for the US
With the upcoming launch of a naturally-sourced vanillin specially formulated for the US market, ingredient supplier Solvay can offer manufacturers a way to meet consumers’ growing demand for ‘natural’ and ‘clean-label’ products without breaking the bank... Read

PepsiCo launches ‘The Hive’ to support promising new brands
PepsiCo has launched an innovation group, called The Hive, to boost the performance of its most promising new products... Read



That’s It expands into US chocolate market to compete with Godiva
Fruit bars maker, That’s It, has entered the confectionery category by introducing a line of truffles made with 64% dark chocolate: dark chocolate and dates, and dark chocolate and figs... Read

Primal Kitchen on track to double sales in 2018 as shoppers spurn refined carbs, embrace healthy fats
Primal Kitchen – a lifestyle brand spearheaded by former endurance athlete Mark Sisson (strapline: ‘Eat like your life depends on it’) - is on course to double sales this year as it adds new lines to its Paleo-fueled food portfolio from unsweetened ketchup to spicy mustard... Read

Alcohol-preserved Swamp Dragon hot sauces ditch the ‘sour pickle punch’ of vinegar-based competitors
For those who like the fiery heat of hot sauce but not the “sour pickle punch” that often comes with the vinegar base, Louisiana-based startup Swamp Dragon has a solution, according to the company’s founder... Read

IFT’s Start-Up Alley offers solutions to today’s problems & tomorrow’s challenges
At IFT in Chicago next week, “future-forward entrepreneurs” participating in the NEXT Start-Up Alley will showcase new solutions to some of today’s biggest problems, including food safety and sugar-reduction, as well as emerging challenges of the future, such as minimizing food waste and enhancing sustainability with plant-based options... Read



There’s a new kid on the plant-based protein block, and it’s going to be disruptive, predicts Nutriati
Plant-based proteins are hot property, but organoleptic and functional challenges continue to hold the market back, claims Virginia-based Nutriati, which says its new chickpea protein concentrates can open up new application opportunities and give soy, pea and rice a serious run for their money... Read

Bright Farms takes local produce model nationwide with hydroponics
It wasn’t too long ago when locally-grown produce evoked images of backyard gardens or roadside produce stands many miles outside of city limits. Now, the local produce movement has morphed into an urban-centered industry thanks to the rise of hydroponic greenhouses... Read

 No Evil Foods' mock meats marry plant-based and clean-label trends
Plant-based meats and clean-label are two of the most influential trends in food currently, but often they run counter to each other with many mock-meats made from highly-processed ingredients and protein isolates that most consumers would never find in their kitchen cupboards... Watch now

 ColorKitchen extends the shelf life and vibrancy of natural colors
Thousands of anecdotal reports collected by the Center For Science in the Public Interest and others correlating artificial dyes, such as Red 40, with behavior problems have prompted some parents to seek naturally colored products – many of which fall short in terms of vibrancy or have off flavor notes... Watch now

 Your guide to IFT 2018: From cellular agriculture to smart snacks for kids
Is cultured (aka ‘clean’) meat ready for prime time? And can personalized nutrition really deliver? Check out FoodNavigator-USA's guide to the hottest topics at the Institute of Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting & Food Expo in Chicago on July 14-18... Display

Just Egg: Plant-based scrambled egg hits Veggie Grill, gets green light from Wegmans, Gelson’s Market
Just Egg - a plant-based scrambled egg alternative from JUST made with mung bean protein - is rolling out to all 30 Veggie Grill restaurants next week, and has secured approvals at a raft of retailers including Fresh Thyme, Wegmans, Gelson's Market and Haggen... Read

Complacency at Nestlé? Major investor sounds alarm on ‘muddled strategic approach’
In a letter to Nestlé, the world’s largest food company by revenue, Third Point, a New York-based asset manager with $18bn in capital ($3bn in Nestlé), called out the food and beverage giant for falling short on its long-term, sustainable growth mission... Read

Farmer's Fridge and Plante Moran highlight the value data brings to food and beverage brands
There's a lot of hype around 'big data' and 'data analytics', but how can you cut through the noise to distill these buzzwords down into something that is useful to your startup or established company?.. Read

If shoppers don’t trust bioengineered labels, GMO labeling will be a huge waste of time and money, say CPG brands
Public comments on USDA’s GMO labeling rule have exposed sharp divisions about whether it should include refined ingredients from GM crops, or foods produced via modern gene-editing techniques such as CRISPR. But they have also raised questions about what bioengineered labels will mean for Non-GMO claims... Read

 Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: What is driving sales of specialty food to outpace all food by 9 times?
Specialty food used to be reserved for special occasions and accessible only to those who could afford its premium price, but increasingly specialty food is becoming everyday food sold at everyday prices that are accessible to more people... Listen now



Enjoy Life Foods exec on exiting cereal and frozen bakery upon Mondelēz’s acquisition: ‘We don’t chase trends’
Enjoy Life Foods has evolved from a better-for-you snack producer to an allergy-friendly icon with double-digital annual sales growth over the past two decades, but the company said the secret to its long-term success is not to follow market data and trends... Read

Large-scale fermentation now available as a cmo
WACKER’s new site in León, Spain, now provides contract manufacturing for industrial-scale fermentation projects. We combine in-depth expertise with attractive capacities, e.g. 8x 100,000-L fermenters. Meet us at BIO World Congress in July!...

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Prebiotic fibers show gut and immune health benefits for children: RCT
Supplementing the diet of three- to six-year-olds with chicory root fiber may improve their gut microbiota composition and strengthen their immune defenses, says a new study... Read

Naturex focuses on clean label at IFT with launch of plant-based alternative to EDTA
Naturex is launching a natural alternative to EDTA suitable for lipid emulsions such as mayonnaise and salad dressings at the IFT show in Chicago next week to meet growing demand for clean label food preservatives... Read

Innova: Better-for-you claims on the rise, which are leading the pack?
The first time Innova Market Insights’ director of innovation, Lu Ann Williams, heard the term 'clean label' was in 2008, long before the term 'clean' started to infiltrate business to consumer marketing... Read

RTD coffee: The next interpretation of clean, functional beverages, says Euromonitor
Ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee is experiencing massive interest with emerging brands and large beverage players looking to take a gulp of the market as consumers increasingly swap out energy drinks and carbonated soft drinks for a chilled, on-the-go coffee beverage... Read

FOOD FOR KIDS: What’s the connection between infant gut bacteria and health outcomes later in life?
Babies born in the USA today don’t have the same microbiome as those born 100 years ago, a seemingly innocuous discovery that could prove to be a game-changer in pediatrics, claims one California-based company on a mission to rejuvenate the ‘dysbiotic’ American gut... Read

Walter Robb to serve as ‘executive-in-residence’ at S2G Ventures
Former Whole Foods co-CEO Walter Robb is to serve as ‘executive-in-residence’ at Chicago-based VC fund S2G Ventures (Seed 2 Growth) to help its team identify new investments and mentor portfolio entrepreneurs... Read

Sugar Reduction? The tactics & the techniques to achieve your goal! - Roquette
New Product Techniques and Trends: Solving for Gluten-Free and Clean Label with Almonds - Almond Board of California
Savory made clean and simple: Consumer insights for successful clean label formulations - Ingredion Incorporated
Industry 4.0: Impact on food and beverage manufacturers - Tetra Pak Processing
Go Nuts: Consumer-Oriented Solutions to Crack 2018 Snack Trends - Almond Board of California
Heat and light stable natural colours - Kancor
SMART TECHNOLOGY – adding value to Collagen Peptides - Gelita AG
Engevita® Proteina by Lallemand Bio-Ingredients - Lallemand Bio Ingredients
Filling technology for glass and plastic bottles - JBT Corporation
Regulatory horizon scanning: what you need to know - Leatherhead Food Research
Clean-label sodium and sugar reduction solution - Salt Of The Earth LTD
Shelf life protection has now become cleaner & simpler - Kancor
Plant-based alternatives to thrill your tastebuds - Syral
Exploring Fiber Fermentation Profiles - Tate & Lyle
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