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News & Analysis on Food & Beverage Development - North America
  From 12-Jul-2019 to 19-Jul-2019
  Chasing Rainbows?
Sweeten innovation in coatings, frostings, and icings with Natures brightest colors...   Click Here
 Soup-to-Nuts Podcast: A Radicle approach to investing could fuel faster change in food- and ag-tech
Venture capital funding flooding the food and beverage industries in recent years has helped grease the wheels for many startups, but according to one investor a significant funding gap between pre-seed and subsequent early growth-stage rounds is holding back entrepreneurs in the space from reaching their full potential... Listen now
Blue Aprons stock pops after partnering with Beyond Meat, but can it salvage the companys stock?
Beleaguered meal kit company Blue Aprons stock price surged 36% overnight after announcing July 16 that upcoming menus would feature the popular plant-based burger from Beyond Meat, which also saw a 3.6% bump in its stock in the same period... Read
A Dozen Cousins two-prong approach makes better-for-you food, healthy eating more accessible
Frustrated that many premium, organic and better-for-you brands are marketed primarily to affluent consumers who already are healthy, rather than the people who need them the most, Ibraheem Basir decided to take a different approach when he launched his natural food brand A Dozen Cousins last year... Read
Food & beverage entrepreneurs! Want a FREE place at the FoodNavigator-USA 2019 FOOD FOR KIDS summit?
Were searching for trailblazing, entrepreneurial start-ups or established brands with new products to present their red hot food and nutrition innovations targeting expectant Moms, babies, toddlers, kids or teens at FoodNavigator-USAs FOOD FOR KIDS summit in Chicago in November... Read
Wild Alaska Pollock gains traction and recognition as a sustainable 'superfish'
As the most abundant certified -sustainable fish in the world (according to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations), Wild Alaska Pollock is not the first fish consumers may think of when it comes nutrition and sustainability, but that's about to change, says Trident Seafoods... Read
Huel sharpens focus on US market: 'Were thinking America first'
Huel, a "complete nutrition brand" making nutrient-packed powders and ready-to-drink products, has taken off in the US where founder Julian Hearn expects to hit $27m in revenue by the end 2019... Read
US retail sales of plant-based meat up 9.6% YoY, but growth has decelerated
US retail sales of plant-based meat were up 9.6% to $801.1m in the 52 weeks to April 21, 2019, significantly outpacing growth in conventional meat sales (+2%), although the pace of growth has decelerated from the previous year, when plant-based meat sales grew by 25%, new data shows... Read
CHERRiSH solidifies its place in sports recovery category with added distribution and new products
Tart cherry juice brand CHERRiSH has several health benefits that make it stand out against other sports drink brands (which primarily compete on hydration and electrolyte replenishment) including its ability to reduce muscle inflammation and purge the body of lactic acid following a tough workout, according to founder and CEO Dan Haggart... Read
Chobani unveils new nut butter line as US yogurt category edges back into growth
Chobani has unveiled a new nut-butter-infused line of yogurts it claims will add incremental growth to the sluggish US yogurt category, which edged back into positive territory in the latest four weeks (to June 29) after a dismal few years... Read
DuPont opens worlds largest fermenter for probiotics to help manufacturers meet consumer demand
With the opening of a massive, state-of-the-art probiotics fermenter in upstate New York this morning, DuPont hopes to secure its position as a market leader in creating and supplying clinically-backed probiotics to food, beverage and dietary supplement manufacturers looking to meet growing consumer demand for the ingredients... Read
Campbell Soup to FDA: The term potassium chloride salt is not consumer friendly
The FDAs proposal to permit the term potassium chloride salt on food labels as a more consumer-friendly alternative to potassium chloride has not gone down well with Campbell Soup, which favors the term potassium salt... Read
Initial sales of low-carb cereal Magic Spoon have exceeded expectations, say founders
Sales of new keto-friendly cereal Magic Spoon have exceeded expectations, say founders Gabi Lewis and Greg Sewitz, who claim to have sold far more than we projected even in our most aggressive projections, in the first three months... Read
CBD is on fire, says Brightfield, but market remains dogged by regulatory confusion and unclear terminology surrounding hemp
The US market for foods and beverages featuring hemp-derived CBD from relaxation drinks to gummies could be worth $2.5bn by 2023, or 10.5% of an estimated $23.7bn market for CBD products (spanning everything from pharmaceuticals to petfood), predicts a new report from Brightfield Group... Read
What does Amazon Prime Day 2019 hold for grocery?
Consumers are set to spend more than ever on Prime Day this year (July 15th and 16th) across every product category including grocery, according to e-commerce performance analytics platform Profitero... Read
 Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: DRY Soda Co. CEO shares tips for women to climb the ranks & be strong leaders
Starting or running a business is undeniably hard for everyone. Even if someone appears to be strolling down easy street, chances are they still wake up panicked in the middle of the night, check their work email on their phones in the bathroom and stress over balancing budgets just like everyone else... Listen now
Will PepsiCo counterattack Coca-Cola Energy with Pepsi Energy launch?
With Coca-Cola Energy now rolling out across the world, will PepsiCo counterattack with a Pepsi Energy launch, or does it have a different take on the energy category to its biggest rival?.. Read
  Learn the Basics of Texture and Stability
Our Gum Gurus created the Common Gums Chart to help better formulators understand the world of hydrocolloids. In this guide, we outline the essential details of the hydrocolloids we offer, including the functionality, source, label claims and more...   Click Here
Cargill and Ecolab launch second year of Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator
Cargill and Ecolab have announced the 2019 class of startups participating in its Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator 13-week program... Read
Solar Foods makes protein out of thin air: This is the most environmentally friendly food there is
Finnish start-up Solar Foods has developed a complete protein made from carbon dioxide, air and electricity, CEO Pasi Vainikka tells FoodNavigator... Read
Rabobank: Organic foods sales still growing but at a slower pace
US retail sales of organic food continue to increase (reaching nearly $50bn in sales last year) but at a slower pace than years past, according to a Rabobank report... Read
New parents buy more fresh produce, study finds
New parents in middle- and high-income households increased their spending on produce after they had a child than before, a recent study found... Read
LaCroixs frustration with 'entirely frivolous' lawsuit bubbles over in outraged, repetitive brief
An Illinois federal judge says she recognizes LaCroixs frustration with what it believes to be an entirely frivolous lawsuit querying its all-natural credentials, but says there are no grounds to sanction the plaintiff, as the company has demanded... Read
Functional solutions for Health & Nutrition by Solvay - SOLVAY
What You Need to Know: Formulating with Almonds -
Sugar Reduction Never Tasted So Sweet -
Sugar Reduction? The tactics & the techniques to achieve your goal! - Roquette
New Product Techniques and Trends: Solving for Gluten-Free and Clean Label with Almonds - Almond Board of California
Industry 4.0: Impact on food and beverage manufacturers - Tetra Pak Processing
Go Nuts: Consumer-Oriented Solutions to Crack 2018 Snack Trends - Almond Board of California
Snacking: Consumers want more than guilty pleasure - American Egg Board
How food manufacturers are moving to clean labels - Oakland Innovation Ltd.
4 best practices to speed up product development - LASCOM
Pectin combined with starch in gummy confectionery - A flexible system for individual textures - Herbstreith & Fox
Unlocking Opportunities for Improving Production of Premium Pasta with Extra Fancy Patent Flour - Italgrani USA, Inc
Seniors: Managing Nutritional Deficiencies and Blood Glucose - Quintessence Nutraceuticals
Plant-based meat alternatives market motivators - DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences
Total Soy Solution: The Versatility of Soybean Oil - Qualisoy
High Protein Snacks: Beyond the Protein Bar - International Dehydrated Foods
Color plus clean labels from a proven ingredient - Briess Malt & Ingredients Co.
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