Four new MacVicar Fellows; MIT and Harvard tackle early lite racy; reprogramming biological systems

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
March 6, 2018

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Four professors named 2018 MacVicar Fellows

Autor, Capozzola, Raman, and Smith receive MIT's most prestigious undergraduate teaching award.

MIT and Harvard join forces to address early childhood literacy

Reach Every Reader aims to end early literacy crisis.

Timothy Lu seeks to combat disease by reprogramming biological systems

Synthetic biologist hopes to develop treatments for cancer and other diseases.

MIT Energy Conference speakers say transformation can happen fast

New technologies, systems, and business models are rapidly changing the energy landscape, experts attest.

Bringing meaningful technologies to market

MIT senior and Rhodes Scholar Matthew Chun wants to promote innovation that enhances quality of life in developing countries.

Recipients of the 2018 MIT Excellence Awards and Collier Medal announced

In the Media

Katie Rae, managing director of The Engine, has collaborated with other Boston-based female investors to create The group will hold “office hours” that will encourage “entrepreneurs to get to know women investors and build a community,” writes Ron Miller for TechCrunch.

Bloomberg View’s Barry Ritholtz interviews MIT Innovation Teams Program (i-Teams) Director Luis Perez-Breva about his love for projects that “look impossible,” ideas that are “born bad,” and what the word “innovation” really means. 

In a Science Friday short film, “Breakthrough: Connecting the Drops,” Professor Lydia Bourouiba shows how she designs tests to study infectious disease transmission. First aired in April 2017, the video is one of a six-part series “Breakthrough: Portraits of Women in Science,” which Science Friday will release at select theaters nationwide this March for Women’s History Month.

EasyEmail, a startup co-founded at MIT, offers an AI-driven “productivity tool” for quickly responding to email. “Going through MIT’s Sandbox Program, Fuse, and The Martin Trust Center’s NYC Summer Startup Studio helped the team rapidly iterate and develop their product,” writes Forbes contributor Frederick Daso, also a graduate student at MIT.

research & innovation

Insulator or superconductor? Physicists find graphene is both

When rotated at a "magic angle," graphene sheets can form an insulator or a superconductor.

Viral tool traces long-term neuron activity

New technique is nontoxic to cells, should allow scientists to study neuron function for months or years instead of weeks.

New study solves an arthritis drug mystery

MIT biological engineers discover why a promising drug failed in clinical trials.

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