Free DVD | Biblical perspective on the issue of "gender identity"

2 years ago
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Be enlightened on one of the most controversial topics in America. View this email in your browser.
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Inside the "Gender War"
This hard-hitting DVD sheds biblical light on one of the most controversial topics in America.

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The Bible is clear, and despite society's attempts to subject biological sex to personal preference, our DNA indicates whether we are male or female from the moment of conception.

To get a powerful, biblical perspective on the issue of "gender identity" and useful insights to share with others on this topic, get the FREE DVD, The Age of Gender Confusion.

This enlightening resource:

Investigates the harmful effects of the notion of "gender fluidity" on our society; Gives you an inside look at the battle over sexual self-identification in America; Provides a moving, personal account from former transgender, Walt Heyer, about the realities of this lifestyle; Reminds you of the liberation that the Gospel offers for the lost and broken.

We trust that this FREE DVD will allow you to see God's sovereignty over all of life, including our sexuality, and that it will bring Scriptural clarity to this divisive controversy.

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Together with you in Christ,

Frank Wright, Ph.D.
President and CEO
D. James Kennedy Ministries

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