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7 years ago

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I have talked with many students and one thing
that everyone has an issue with is getting funding
for their deals. The second problem is showing
real estate agents, or anyone for that matter, that
you have proof of funds.
I had this same issue when I first started investing
many moons ago. And to be honest it was my good
looks and smooth talking that was able to get me
around showing proof of funds. Also that was twenty
years ago. I'm not nearly as good looking for charming
and now I include a proof of funds with every offer I
submit to the bank!
Tomorrow I am going to show you what you can do
with a proof of funds letter for $400 MILLION DOLLARS!
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Don't let the little things slow you down! These are the
easily sovlable problems that many people let prevent
them from investing!
I'll See You At The TOP!
Dan Schemerhorn 

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